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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Day 24: Mapping Out Writing Time: Staying the Course, Even When Others Don't Believe

"Mom, I forgot to mail my letter to Santa!" Spy Girl flew into the kitchen this morning, envelope in hand. "Do you think it's too late?"

For the past few years, I've been waiting to have the talk with Spy Girl about Santa. Her friends have been dropping comments since the second grade, and despite the doubt cast by naysayers, Spy Girl's belief in Santa is much stronger. She'll defend Santa to anyone who tells her otherwise. As far as I know, Spy Girl is the only fifth grader in her school that still believes.

I'm cool with this.

Write-a-Scene Writing Prompt: There are times your MC is going to face opposition from people who have different convictions. This may be a matter of right vs. wrong or life vs. death, or it can be something where both sides are right, depending on upbringing, maturity, religious beliefs, race, etc.

Write a scene where your protagonist is faced with an opposing view, but has a different belief. Is this an easy situation, where both sides agree to disagree? Or is there something at stake, where winner takes all? Or perhaps the situation is more complicated and there is no clear winner. Emotion and conflict should factor in big time in this scene(s). Good luck!


Kelly H-Y said...

I love that she still believes! I can't believe the naysayers started in the second grade! Aacck! That's the grade my son is in, but I haven't heard a peep about it yet?!

Solvang Sherrie said...

I'm pretty sure my son doesn't believe anymore, but I'm not sure. He still makes a list and he and his sister were talking about sleeping on the sofa to see him this year. We'll see...

Vivian said...

Most of Spy Girl's friends have older siblings, which contributed to the second grade rumblings. What's funny is my third grader is casting doubt big time, and fifth grader is telling her to believe! Merry Christmas!

Your children will have so much fun trying to catch Santa! Merry Christmas!

sheila said...

I've never had the nerve to discuss it with my 12 year old (in case I misjudge his wondering for knowing), but I think this is his first Christmas "knowing." He has had a lot of friends over the years, friends whose parents don't pretend about Santa, and they LOVE to tell everyone who Santa really is (what is behind this compulsion?) but he's always ignored them. I ignore them too. I like Santa.