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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving: Celebrate Life With The Gratitude Dance

I thought I'd share this great video made by The GratiDudes.

Can you imagine jumping up from your seat and breaking out into a Gratitude Dance during Thanksgiving Dinner? How many relatives would get up and dance? Are they the people you expected?

Yup. I've already got a smile on my face.

Don't let the bad stuff get you down. I know. I know. Easy to say. Hard to do at times in the midst of horrific world events, questions about national policies, and uncertain economic times. Add to this equation the daily grind of life, and sometimes, it's plain difficult to see the good that's been there all along.

No matter what difficulties life throws at us, I've got to believe, there is hope and gratitude lighting the way--for ALL of us.

This Thanksgiving, let's celebrate life's moments and let the spirit of gratitude lift us up.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Shelby said...

That IS awsome.. thanks for sharing.. and have a great Thanksgiving!!!

Patty P said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Vivian! Have a wonderful day with your family...miss you!

Saints and Spinners said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Vivian! I am grateful for you.