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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Beth Kephart's readergirlz writing contest #4: writing from life

The fabulous Beth Kephart, author-in-residence for readergirlz, posted the final readergirlz writing contest:
"...a challenge that asks you to look at something familiar and transform it into the unexpected. Check out the video posted here. Send your best work to kephartblogATcomcastDOTnet. The winner will receive an advanced reading copy of The Heart is Not a Size (which is due out in March from HarperTeen). The winning work will be posted on this site. Our deadline is December 30, 2009."
And in case you're wondering, here's the winner for Beth's writing contest #3! Congratulations, Kiera!


Beth Kephart said...

Thank you, Vivian — your posting here sent one of the fine entries our way for readergirlz3 contest, and I am so grateful!

Heather Zundel said...

That is because Vivian rocks. :)

Kelly H-Y said...

Adore Beth Kephart!!! Thanks Vivian for all your great posts!