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Thursday, May 21, 2009

SuperHeroes, Dull Boy by Sarah Cross, and a Cool Book Giveaway

This is too fun. Diana Peterfreund is hosting a fun Book Giveaway for Sarah Cross, author of the newly released DULL BOY.

You all know how much I love superheroes--I have to ask all my interviewees what their superhero power would be. So this contest is totally up my alley. Go to Diana's blog for the rules. And if you'd like, go to The Hero Factory and create your own superhero identity.  

Here's my secret identity, The Great Kicking Ninja. Don't you just love her ripped abs? The girls helped design her outfit. 

Princess Rock Star insisted on a pink outift and unicorn emblem, because I must be a good superhero. "Promise you won't be a mean? You have to be friends with Wonder Woman!" She LOVES Wonder Woman.

Ninja Girl insisted on the nunchaku and was thrilled with our secret identity name. "She can kick out evil!"

Spy Girl pointed out pink was too cutesy and convinced Princess Rock Star the salmon color was pink enough. "Mom, you can't look like a wimp. You've got to have power."

Yeah, that's my girl.

Superheroes sometimes need an alternate identity, so here's The Great Kicking Ninja undercover as The Fantastic Kicking Master - though the name isn't as snazzy. 

Check out Sarah Cross's website. She's got a fun page with quote icons from Dull Boy, and they are a hoot.

Diana's contest lasts through the weekend and she'll announce the winner Monday. 

Come on. You know you want to be a superhero.

What are you waiting for? Go enter now!


david elzey said...

I got "The Fancy Kind Philanthropist." Must have been the grocery bag I picked for a weapon. But I wanted to be an eco-friendly shopping warrior!

Vivian said...

You have a great superhero name--it is true heroism. I tried to select the grocery bag, but it was vetoed.