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Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Five: The Last Olympian, A Book Signing, The Bridget Zinn Auction, Gratitude and A Special Book Giveaway

Nothing like a mouthful of title to stand in your way to find out the details of what you seek. *grin* I've got lots to share today, so I hope you'll persevere to the end of this post, and hopefully, you'll find good things to read.

1. Spy Girl had been w a i t i n g for her copy of Rick Riordan's THE LAST OLYMPIAN, the final book of the Percy Jackson series. Little did she know, I had a surpise up my sleeve. Not only did I buy the book, actually 4 copies, but my  favorite independent bookstore scheduled Rick Riordan for a book signing!

2. When I finally told Spy Girl, she screamed! She was thrilled when I told her she could bring one friend and give her friend a copy of THE LAST OLYMPIAN. Spy Girl kept talking about last year's incredible book signing for THE BATTLE OF THE LABYRINTH, her friend - K - couldn't wait, and Ninja Girl refused to be left out of the festivities and insisted she was old enough to come. So I planned on bringing three girls, four copies of THE LAST OLYMPIAN, and one copy of THE LIGHTNING THIEF (for Ninja Girl) to Rick Riordan's book signing. 

Two copies of THE LAST OLYMPIAN were already claimed by Spy Girl and K. 

3. Unfortunately, things sometimes don't go as planned. Our babysitter couldn't come so Princess Rock Star came with us, her older sisters whispering threats of what would happen if we had to leave early because of her. (The lesson learned - It's tough being the youngest. Sometimes.) 

We made it the waiting line at 4:30pm (1 1/2 hours early) and we were numbers 246 - 250. The talk was scheduled for 6 pm on a school night.

K, Spy Girl and Ninja Girl scanned the line to see if they knew anyone and were amazed at how many people were behind us. Princess Rock Star was losing her enthusiasm for staying in one spot in line. But, she made it!

Rick Riordan's presentation was geared to the kids, letting them ask questions about the books, the movie and how he came up with ideas. Fans will be thrilled to know THE LIGHTNING THIEF movie is due to be released in February 2010! No movie trailer yet, but of the names I recognized, Uma Thurman will play Medusa and Pierce Brosnan will play Chiron. Here is the rest of the cast list.

The other news that the kids cheered about was the new Camp Half-Blood series will feature Egyptian gods and goddesses. 

This event was fantastic. K, Spy Girl and Ninja Girl kept screaming and shouting, along with all the other 600 plus fans that were in the auditorium. Princess Rock Star was content to sit on my lap and watch all the crazy kids. When it was time for the book signing, we were introduced to surprise guest Gareth Hinds, illustrator extraordinaire, who has published some fantastic graphic novels. He's currently working on a graphic novel, The Odyssey, and he demonstrated his artwork of gods and monsters for the children, while they waited for their numbers to be called for their books to be signed.

When our numbers were called, the girls got into line, worried about what they would ask him. K clutched her book and kept hugging me. Spy Girl and Ninja Girl obsessed about what they would say. Keep in mind, Ninja Girl hasn't read a word of the book, but wants to show she cares. Princess Rock Star saw the end was in sight to leave the building and pushed people along in the line.

I met Rick and became a blubbering idiot when Rick smiled, using Princess Rock Star as my excuse to walk away. Ninja Girl stood silent as Rick signed her book. Spy Girl and K wouldn't move, elbowing each other until they both told Rick how much they loved his books. Once they walked away, they both screamed in the hallway, jumped up and down and had a shriek-fest. Yes, we do know how to make a scene wherever we go. But, we had fun...

4. So, if you paid attention to item #1 on this list, you read where I bought 4 copies of THE LAST OLYMPIAN, 2 already claimed by Spy Girl and K.  Now I have 2 signed copies of the book left. 

One of these hardcover books is going to Bridget Zinn's Auction. Bridget Zinn has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer and needs help with the expensive medical treatments. When I heard her story, I knew I wanted to donate something. My sister-in-law also has Stage 4 Colon Cancer, and she has mentioned several times how she's so fortunate to work at a company with a generous health plan, otherwise it would be difficult to pay for her treatments. 

I'm hoping people will bid on a signed copy of THE LAST OLYMPIAN, personalized with the battle cry, "Be Strong." Since there are so many people that attend Rick's book signings, he is unable to personalize all of them. I asked Rick to write in "Be Strong" into the 2 remaining books, so these 2 extra copies are special. This book is donated in honor of my sister-in-law, a true warrior. 

If you are interested in bidding on THE LAST OLYMPIAN, go here. If you're interested in bidding on other items, you can go here.  Thank you for your generosity!

5. Now there is one signed copy of THE LAST OLYMPIAN left, personalized with "Be Strong." Hmmm. What to do? 

Well, dear readers, I've decided to give the book away. A special kind of book giveaway in honor of GRATITUDE. 

Here are the rules: 

For my 38 followers as of this posting--I Love Music, Karen Ehrhardt, Djpdancer, Crystal, Adlibby, Solvang Sherrie, katied, Morpho Ophelia, Megan, Patty P, Lorie Ann Grover, becky, Jennifer, Jim Harrington, Christine M, lanna-lovely, Barrie, Anna Lefler, Suzanne, beth, Heather Zundel, tapestry100, Marie Beausoleil, artsymommachic, GoldenApple, Lori Calabrese, PJ Hoover, Jillian Cantor, gabidenise, victoria thorne, holly cupala, Teashop Girl, KiKi, JannenZ, Ello, Rebecca Fabian, eastsidemommy, and T. Anne--you will automatically entered in THE LAST OLYMPIAN book giveaway, to thank you for your interest in what I have to say. I know there are many other people who read my blog, and I'm really sorry about this, but I needed an easy way to determine loyal readership. In case you want to become a follower of my blog, go here.

Also, I will collect the names of those who bid on items in the Bridget Zinn Auction and automatically enter them in THE LAST OLYMPIAN book giveaway, to thank you for your generosity. [Edited to Add: Since there are many bidders and quite a few that don't leave linking blogs to their names, I'll put the responsibility on the bidders to enter their names into this book giveaway. If you've bid on something in the auction, leave a comment with the item and item post link.] Bidding ends May 30th. 

I will announce the winner for THE LAST OLYMPIAN on June 2nd.

Thank you, everyone!

6. Now, I have to slip in #6 to tell you I have many goodies planned for next week. So please come back and stay tuned! 

Have a great weekend!


Christine M said...

Oh Wow! A Rick Riordan book signing! How totally cool! We don't have the last book yet (I think it's simply we've been too busy to get to a book store--horrible, isn't it?) but now I'll hold off and wait and see if we win a signed one!

beth said...

Wow! So cool!

Just last week I blew $40 to get the signed copies of Sarah Prineas's books from Iowa Books....and then I saw the bidding for Bridget Zinn. I wish I'd saved my book budget for then! But I will cross my fingers now for this one!

And that sounds like such an amazing event.

Vivian said...

The Rick Riordan book signing was fantastic! You must try to go to one, if you can.

It is a great event. Yay! for Sarah's books. I'm looking forward to reading her second one. I know what you mean about budgets. I can't afford to bid on the items I wanted on the auction, so I figure this is a great way for me to feel like I can help, since it hits so close to home.

Solvang Sherrie said...

Drooling and jealous over here! The closest signing to our house was five hours away :(

I bought TLO the day it came out and my son and I raced through it. Such a good book!

Thanks for entering my name in the contest. I'll bid for the book on the site and I've also bid on a manuscript critique (twice -- I keep getting outbid!).

I can't wait to hear about the fabulous goodies next week!

Vivian said...

I'm so lucky the event was in the next town, so it was easy to get there. And you're also bidding! You rock.

Priya said...

I read The Last Olympian last week and it was AMAZING. Glad you had fun at the signing!

Heather Zundel said...

I bet that signing was so much fun, and what an awesome cause to donate a book to!

Vivian said...

Glad you loved the book. I haven't read the book yet, but will as soon as Spy Girl is done!

It was a fantastic event. I hope you get a chance to go to one sometime!

Ello said...

Oh my gosh as I read your post I started squealing like a little pig along with all of you! I would have been the biggest blubbering idiot! I just finished reading The Last Olympian and of course I absolutely loved it. You are so generous!!! the bid is too high for me, sigh, but I did bid on something else!

Beth Kephart said...

Hey there. This is NOT about getting a copy of the book (You've already done way too much for me)... but I wonder why the fact that I've been a follower of yours from the very start of me knowing you isn't registering. Maybe I am doing some tech thing wrong. You KNOW how that goes with me.