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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Half-Birthday Celebration Expectations

Eldest announced she has a half-birthday coming up. 

I am doomed. 

She has expectations...visions only a wistful ten-year-old could conjure up.



beckylevine said...

Oh, dear. What is her vision?

lady said...

Could be worse. I threw myself a half birthday party last year (32 1/2) to tell our families that there's a baby coming.

Happy 10 1/2 Birthday!!

Vivian said...

Congratulations is in order for you! I think that's a fantastic way to share the news about a baby! I've wondered when you were going to post again. Be well.

Let's say she wants a party with a few friends, horse riding lessons, a dress-up dinner at a nice restaurant, tickets to the Jonas Brothers concert...

Maya Ganesan said...

Promise most of it for her birthday? I'm not the best at these situations.

Vivian said...

You are so sweet. This is the first time we've been hit with the half-birthday request and it will require some creativity.

If anyone has any ideas, without having to spend a fortune, I'd love to hear it!

Nowheymama said...

I don't suppose a cake for dessert would be enough, would it?

Laston Lastof said...

Ah, the half birthday. the only reason my sister & I ever got to celebrate half-birthdays is because Mom wanted to give us our own special days that didn't have anything to do with the holidays we were born around (sis: Nov 29, me: Dec 23). Of course, my sis got half-birthday parties where her friends brought her gifts, etc. I never had a birthday party that wasn't just family till I was 16--and then it was a real (okay, a month late) birthday party.

So, why does your daughter expect a half-birthday celebration?

courtneywrites said...

My sister is still celebrating half birthdays (started because her birthday was smack in the middle of the summer, and she never got to bring cupcakes to school). Happy half birthday to your eldest!!!

Saints and Spinners said...

How about a half of a birthday cake? Of course, the part that was cut down the middle could be iced,too.