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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Memories, Books and Love for Valentine's Day

Well, it's here.  Valentine's Day.  We're supposed to be all red and pink and swirly and giggly and confess our love from the top of the universe. 


That's a lot of pressure.  

Valentine's Day.  

These two words filled me with dread when I was in high school.  It was the day when students collected pink/red carnation corsages from their secret or not-so-secret admirers.  My memory is stunted since I don't remember when they were given out.  In homeroom?  By members of the student council?  All I remember is the slight hope of anticipation, the sweat of having everybody know if someone will publicly admit to an interest, and the fall of disappointment.  That's a lot to bear in high school.

Some girls (okay, I'll admit it was rare, but still...) strutted around with four, five, even ten corsages pinned to different parts of their clothing.  Some had one carnation, pinned high so everyone can see it and know that someone out there liked them enough to tell them. Others, like me, walked around with none, avoiding the pity looks.  Funny how a cheap flower, or for that matter any object, can reduce a person to shame or inflate pride in the matter of an instant.

Thankfully, I survived those corsage days (our high school had these to celebrate most holidays).  It helped that I had great friends in high school and we convinced each other that we could make it through these days.  

I often wonder what they do in high schools now for Valentine's Day.  Does anyone know?

Now that I'm not in high school, I realize that Valentine's Day isn't all about waiting, waiting, waiting for someone to confess their love for me.  It's about spending time with my family, enjoying the little things, treating myself, and sharing the love and goodness in my life with others.

I thought it would be nice to celebrate Valentine's Day with all of you and came up with the brilliant idea of the Love in the Air contest with an Interview Prize.  My husband pretty much announced it was a dud.  Why do I not learn from my high school days?  Sigh.  

But, all is not lost.  Eldest had a friend sleep over last night. Even though they snuck a little too much root beer last night and stayed up late telling each other stories, they're awake now.  We'll have breakfast (homemade cinnamon rolls, sausages and strawberry smoothies), go to middle one's tae-kwon-do class and then head over to Harvard Square to celebrate Kids Heart Authors Day. I hope we make it in time for the book signings!

Happy Valentine's Day!

What will you do today?


beth said...

In school yesterday (which was high level crazy), there was little giving of gifts--the school here (and in several other schools I've worked at) have banned things like flower deliveries to avoid distractions. Some few kids exchange presents, but it wasn't that big. It's all about the date night now.

One club did sell carnations throughtout the week that were delivered today, but it's as likely to be between friends (girls) than boyfriend/girlfriend stuff.

Kimberly @ lectitans said...

The school where I teach sells cans of Crush soda. I think it's a pretty cute pun, but you can see the depression on the faces of the kids who didn't get any. In my class, only two kids got any, and they each got multiple ones. (Last year two of my students sent one to me!)

Vivian said...

It's nice to see high school has evolved with this one particular holiday. Enjoy the day!

The Crush soda is a cute idea. And very cool your students recognized you with this. Enjoy the day!

Beth Kephart said...

A very happy Valentine's Day to you, dear.

Vivian said...

Hope you had a great Valentine's Day!

Solvang Sherrie said...

Sounds like you had a lovely Valentines, Vivian. And I'm with you -- I do not miss those awkward days of high school and dating. Valentines is much nicer these days!