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Monday, February 2, 2009

2009 New Year 30 Day Challenge: FINAL Check In!!!

Wahoo!!  We did it!  We reached the finish line and worked on getting our butt in gear for the year.  I'm so glad you all joined me in my Challenge. You've all be wonderful sharing your progress--it has been awesome.

I didn't organize as much as I hoped, but I've walked away from this challenge with glimpses of neatness in my house.  If anything, it has encouraged me.  My house is small and we utilize every room of the house.  If I can manage the clutter, I will be happy.  Though, all bets on keeping the house organized ended last week when the last snow/ice/rain storm unleashed water into my house.  Pots, bowls and pans are still collecting water and stuff has piled everywhere, but it will all be tackled.    

So, how did you do? Comment away and let me know how you did in this 2009 New Year's 30 Day Challenge. As I mentioned in the first posting for this challenge, I'll end this challenge today, since it keeps things simple with the Monday check in.  

The official 30 Day end date is Wednesday, February 4th, so in case there are any die-hard Challengers out there, who want to stay to the end, just comment here by 11:00 pm EST Wednesday, February 4th for a chance for the surprise Challenge Prize. 

And again, congratulations, everyone, for taking yourself seriously and being true to what you love! Stop by Friday to find out who won the Challenge Prize!


beckylevine said...

Man, it just stinks about the leaks. I hope there's a fix soon and that it's a good, not too dramatic one! Congrats on getting stuff organized and motivated to do more.

This is kind of where your challenge took me. I didn't make any HUGE strides, but I definitely got a roll going on the fiction WIP (without totally abandoning the nonfiction!). It got me to the point where I wanted to keep going, so I joined up withe OneGrapeShy at LJ to do her GrapeMo February challenge--same goal.


PJ Hoover said...

This challenge totally reinvigorated me with wanting to keep clutter out of the house! This past week I tackled the garage, cleaned of the dining room table, and finished painting my ceiling.
Thank you so much for organizing this! It's been really great!

Beth Kephart said...

Hats off to you, Little Lady.

kbaccellia said...

I was proud of myself for being more disciplined especially with the whole one incident that caused some problems.

I wasn't so good with the exercising last week as I flaked out working out on Friday and didn't power walk on Sunday. But today I was good and got up early and hit the gym.

My writing was so so. I was really stuck in a scene and hopefully something will jar that block. My sister is even sending me Hathor's sistum that she ordered from Egypt to help! Hathor is in the scene I'm having problems with.

Thanks for doing this Vivian! I hope your roof is ok. That's such a pain to have a leaky roof especially with the snow and all.

Vivian said...

Yay! for all the progress!

Good luck with the new challenge! I'm sad I'm too late to join, but I'll follow along!

You are a dynamo!

Thank you!

Can't wait to see what Hathor is up to! Here's to discipline...you are going to do great!

holly cupala said...

Thank you again for cracking the whip, Vivian! I've made significant progress on my 30k words, and if I keep going for the next few days, I might actually hit my goal! Even better, I hit plot point 2, totally not what I was expecting, and my characters are rising to the occasion in surprising and cool ways.

Back to work...!

Jen Robinson said...

The challenge helped me a lot, Vivian. I made my goal this week, riding the bike for 45+ minutes each day (and actually made it to 70+ a couple of the days). Yesterday I just barely had time, and previously I would have given myself a pass because I had so much else going on, but the challenge pushed me to make the time for it, and I was so glad I did.

Today, I'm under a bit of stress from various things, and I just found myself thinking that I need my bike time to make me stop and breathe. So, I think the whole 30 days thing really worked. Thank you!

Patty P said...

So my original goal of exercising 3 times per week took a back seat to my renewed enthusiasm for de-cluttering. You must have inspired me, Vivian. Anyway, yesterday, I removed the contents from my garage, sorted the junk into three piles (charity, thrash, keep) and actually reorganized/cleaned/edited my garage. I hardly recognized it. It looks amazing. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted. Sigh.
Thanks for the sideways motivation!

KB said...


This last week was terrible. I can barely remember what I ate due to being off schedule. I hope to continue eating my veggies as I go forward into a NEW 30 day challenge! Thanks for the lift and support!

Cinde said...

this was fun thank you! I only made it to about 20k of my 30k goal, but it's 20 more than I had before so I'll take it!

BTW, my captcha word below is HOSER.


Melissa said...

I waxed and waned on my goal to eat less (32 grams per day) of sugar. I never really totally succeeded, but I did realize how much sugar I eat. Especially in the afternoon. And I managed to lose a few pounds in the process. I'm determined to keep it up, though. Thanks for the encouragement!

Karen S. said...

People have stopped by and commented on my clean desk all month. It feels good to know that people have noticed. But even more, it feels good to walk into my office each day and know that I have a fresh clean start.

Thanks for the challenge.

Kidlitosphere said...

Okay, I was hoping that Wednesday, Feb 4th was going to be My Day as the final day of the challenge and the one completely free day on my schedule.

So much for that.

The tree people came by and that took up my morning - you'd think that I was the one taking down the trees, but I honestly I couldn't concentrate on anything. Then I got the blahs and wasted the rest of the day. Sigh.

Overall, I'm not sure more organized was my goal so much as less cluttered and um, messy. There I have made some good progress this month. The kitchen is almost done - two drawers and two cabinets left to organize. I've thrown out a bunch of stuff. I cleaned like a madwoman over the weekend to have some friends over, and it did help.

I think that the most important thing is that I'm picking up the habit of doing One Thing to make the room better - and I'm getting better at calling my family on doing that too.

Thanks for the place to check-in and keep in line.