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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Serenity in the Midst of Decluttering

I've been focused on trying to clean out some computer folders.   Of course I was sidetracked with the holiday pictures, most particularly this photo of my dining room (where I do most of my writing).  If you take away the pink IKEA chairs, add wreaths and greenery, it could almost be Martha Stewart worthy.  

For some crazy reason, this photo makes me feel like I've reached a pinnacle of serenity that my otherwise chaotic household tells otherwise.  And it gives me hope that perhaps I can organize my life, not so it fits so pinpoint neat into a magazine spread, but enough that I won't be dragged into the dumps because clutter has invaded my space. 

[Sidenote: If you're curious about what type of plant is on the table, it's a white hydrangea.  Every Christmas, my husband gets me hydrangeas, another one of my favorite flowers.  I nurse them all through the winter months until he can plant them in our garden in the spring.  

Also, for those who want to know the purpose of the red bowl on the table, besides decoration, I keep it filled with clementines or other fruit for the kids to snack on.]

What gives you peace in your home?


PJ Hoover said...

We have a pink chair just like that. Love IKEA.
I changed my 30 day challenge to decluttering, but my dining room looks nowhere near as nice as yours. Where is the play kitchen? Where are the painted masterpieces which need a place to dry?

beth said...

For me, it's clean dishes. There always seems to be dirty dishes at the house, but gathering them all up and doing a massive washing up always makes me feel better :)

Saints and Spinners said...

I feel a lot better once the floors are swept and the surfaces wiped off. We have a lot of stuff in a small home, and I feel a lot better when I can see a surface with nothing on it. Then, of course, I cover it with whatever I'm working on at the moment!

Vivian said...

IKEA is great. And this is the only room in the house that looks like this. All the toys and stuff are in the living room. The painted masterpieces are framed, on the wall. Or in the basement, waiting for a home.

Have fun decluttering!


Yes, the dirty dishes. Another problem around here with a family of five. Sigh.


I know what you mean about small houses. We use every part of our home, so the stuff piles up. And when spaces are clear, it's like we can breathe. I do my writing in the dining room, so I need clear space to think! Enjoy the creativity!

egretsnest said...

What a great question. I'm not sure what gives me serenity in my home and that's a scary thought. I do know that I had my kids take 2 minutes to pick up all the accumulated clutter on the living room floor (toys, socks, shoes, the fluff the dog pulls out of her toys, etc.) and we allcould take a deep breath then. I think I need to emulate that feeling in my kitchen, too.

Beth Kephart said...

Spotless. Gorgeous. Enviable.