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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

FDA Food Labeling Public Hearing Open Until January 14th!!!

Do you get frustrated reading food labels? 

I know I do.

There are different ways a label can indicate it contains eggs, dairy, shellfish, food coloring, etc.  And it's confusing.

Yes, I'd like to know what chemicals and food additives are in the food. But. As an example...don't you think it would ALSO be helpful if the label plainly states the product CONTAINS milk or dairy rather than MAY CONTAIN? What kind of cop out is that?

You many wonder why it even matters or why people get frustrated. Here are some ways dairy ingredients are labeled:

Nisin (may), Curds, Whey
Casein, Rennet, Lactose. Lactulose, Whey and casein hydrolysates, Lacalbumin
Lactoglobulin, Lactate starter, Ammonium caseinate
Calcium caseinate, Hydrolzed casein, Lactabum, Lactabum phosphate, Lactate
Lactroferrin, Lactogloblin, Magnesium caseinate
hydrolized vegtable protein, Recaldent

The FDA started a public hearing about food labeling back in September 16, 2008 and are requesting comments.

Here's the catch.

The deadline to let your voice be heard is Wednesday, January 14th. Tomorrow.

We have only one day to get our voices heard, so please help spread the word!

SUBMIT electronic comments for Docket No. FDA-2008-N-0429 to http://www.regulations.gov

Thank you so much for your support!


kbaccellia said...

Thanks for this, Vivian. I for one didn't know that casein was a milk deviative until a friend pointed out that the non dairy creamer I was putting in my tea might be what was getting me ill. I wish they'd just spell this stuff out. Another one is the veggie cheese that also has milk in it though it says it's ok. My dietian pointed that one out to me.

Also I'm frustrated with the whole tree nut thing. My son has severe reactions to walnuts but sometimes I'm not sure what products to buy especially when the back label says--might contain traces of tree nuts. Crazy.

Oh, did you caught that one LA Time essay that said parents are going overboard on the whole allergy thing? It was in the opinon section. I felt like saying see if you feel that way once you watch your child fall down and claim he can't breath. Grrrr.

Vivian said...

I just read the LA Times essay and the comments a short while ago. I'm not calm enough to say anything about it right now--I'll catch you offline.


victoria thorne said...

This is fascinating. I had no idea; the masquerade!

Glad you are working so hard to raise awareness. Hang in there. We are behind you: it's about health and our children...what could be more important?

Vivian said...

Thank you for your support. I am grateful.