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Thursday, January 8, 2009

2009 New Year 30 Day Challenge Participants

Wahoo!  We have 17, er, 18 participants (if you count me), for the 2009 New Year 30 Day Challenge!  I went through my testing the waters post and my official start the challenge post, to see who was daring enough to declare IN.  

17 courageous souls committed to join me in this challenge. And they don't even know what the PRIZE is.  

Now...that's brave.

Here are the fantastic bloggers in the 30 Day Challenge...

Christine M
Jen Robinson
PJ Hoover
Holly Cupala
Cuppa Jolie

If you don't want your name on the list, or if your name is missing, please let me know! 

Hope you've all been doing well this week!  

Remember, check in is on Monday.  And you'll want to stop by because I'll announce the PRIZE (how's that for incentive?)...

Now, get back to work!


beth said...

I wanted to do this so badly, but the timing just wasn't right. Congrats to all who signed up, and good luck!

holly cupala said...

Yay for all of us! May your goals take off on wings of their own. I just love the poem I found for poetry friday:

"Come to the edge, he said.
They said: We are afraid.
Come to the edge, he said.
They came,
He pushed them,
and they flew."

- Guillaume Apollinaire

Vivian said...

Thanks for your good wishes and there is always a next time! Good luck getting all those papers graded!


The poem is perfect! Thanks for the inspiration!

PJ Hoover said...