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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Finding Space to Create

I was inspired by Beth Kephart's beautiful writing area to post my creative working space.  There's also a photo of Patty Palmer's office, one of my critique buddies.  I know I've seen more photos of other writing spaces out there, such as P.J. Hoover's (another critique buddy, who by the way has a great interview up on Blog Talk Radio), but couldn't find the posts.  

I do most of my writing in my dining room (see above picture).  We don't have an eat-in-kitchen, so we eat in the dining room every day.  It's the sunniest room in the house and I love how the plants thrive here.  I had to take eight shots of this room, before I could get one inside photo with a decent light exposure.  And please, no comments on how the rug is too small for the room or why don't I have any pictures on the wall. They're on the list of things I'll get to, one of these days.  I'd also like to paint out the woodwork a crisp white, but this is on my one day list.

My coolest plant is the 100-year-old potted clover. I joke about the age, but it is probably almost 70! My mother-in-law received this plant from her mother, when she left her house, for good luck. Now that my husband and I are guardians of this plant, you better be sure we're taking care to make sure this plant flourishes. 

A good work space is important for me to be able to collect my thoughts and create. Where else am I going to be able to pace around the room and work out the details of dialogue or plot? Or stare out the window and dream a little before typing away on my keyboard?

Where do you write?


Christine M said...

I'm looking at my dining room table piled with candles and presents and a few copies of The Emerald Tablet and candles and a gingerbread house kit and I sigh with jealousy at your clean, clear writing space!

I usually sit on the sofa with my laptop. No real point posting a picture of that.

Patty P said...

I love your work space! Windows are key for gazing and dreaming. Often, I catch myself drifting away from my keyboard to see what the scrub jays are up to.
Oh, and don't get a rug for your dining room. The wood floors are lovely besides, it would be a nightmare cleaning the carpet after every meal.

PJ Hoover said...

Chris, maybe I'm biased, but your dining room table sounds perfect :) If you need a few more copies, just let me know!

Vivian, I love your area! It is so clean and perfect!

New years resolution for me - eliminate junk.

m. thompson said...

My writing office is in the basement. Sounds depressing, but it is a great space. All renovated and all.

Nice space!

Beth Kephart said...

Hey, this is beautiful, Vivian! The light streaming in tells the whole story and reaffirms something I've always known about you: your immaculate calm.

Solvang Sherrie said...

I often end up writing in the dining room or the breakfast nook. I have a desk, but it's in "the grandma room" otherwise known as the room where we put everything when we can't figure out where else to put it! It's oppressive to try and work in there with all the STUFF around me so I go to the cleanest room in the house with a work surface, which inevitably brings me to the dining room or breakfast nook.

StoryForce said...

Hi Vivian,

My first visit to your blog and I really enjoyed seeing the photos of people's writing spaces.

The minute I saw my house, I knew I had to have it and that the second floor sun porch would be my study. It turned out (surprise!) to be a nursery for a couple years first. But now it's all mine!

I posted a photo on my blog and also put a link to yours.

Happy Blogaversary!!