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Friday, October 10, 2008

Five on a Friday

  1. Gas is $2.95 a gallon today!!!

  2. I cleaned out my kitchen closet and found my favorite hat.  Perfect for bad hair days and attitude problems, this pumpkin colored hat reminds me that LIFE IS GOOD

  3. Yesterday, I had about fifteen children, from the ages of four to eleven, in my yard.  Thankfully, I found plenty of cornstarch and let the kids make oobleck -- a cornstarch, water and food coloring mixture.  The kids had the best time playing with this stuff.  In case you're wondering, this is an OUTDOOR activity and occupies a lot of time.

  4. I had a good writing week and was able to tighten up a few chapters of PB.  My critique group gets this on Monday.

  5. I found a mouse in my coat pocket.  Before you get totally grossed out, let me assure you it was a plastic mouse.  After I calmed down, I was on a mission to hunt down the child who planted the darn thing in my pocket.  Of course, all of my little ones denied it.  Turns out, my husband was the culprit.  This little plastic critter has been providing my family with much entertainment and laughs this week.  Now I need to come up with new prank.  Any suggestions?
Have a great Columbus Day weekend!


Alkelda the Gleeful said...

How about sewing their pj bottoms closed? That's what my mom did one April Fool's Day. I recommend waiting until they think you've forgotten the mouse.

This week, keep a lookout for interesting mail.:)

beckylevine said...

I so admire your ability to have MANY children around. Me--mine and one or two more, and I'm maxed out.

Short-sheeting? Except that doesn't really get Dad. I'll think on it.

Vivian said...

That must have been funny to watch. I'll have to try that sometime. And you're right about the element of surprise...

Can't wait to find out what you come with!

BTW, the kids play outside. As long as they do that, I'm okay. There's no way I could fit 15 kids in my house. But I like it, because I know what my kids are doing. :-) Right now, there are 9 children playing in my yard, and three are mine.

We live on the corner of street and the kids love to ride their bikes around the bend and for some reason, our house seems to be the gathering place.

m. thompson said...

The stuff from the Life is Good website looks great. Thanks for sharing the website!

And I agree with Becky--you are way too brave to have all those children around. Even if they are outside. I couldn't do it.

PJ Hoover said...

A snake on a string rested on the top of the doorframe rigged to fall once the door is opened. It's a good oe.

Can't wait to read PB!

And yes, we call it goop, and it is a blessing!

Vivian said...

I'm a huge fan of the Life is Good hats and t-shirts. Talk about comfortable! Plus, they are big into doing good and giving back.

This sounds good! I can already imagine how this will play out...

Beth Kephart said...

You found your hat! You found your hat? Where was your hat when I needed your hat, as in, say, yesterday, when at a conference full of beautiful women and well dressed men I felt like the most ragged creature in the room (and wished for a hat).

I like the sound of your household, plastic mouse and all.

Gas is still 3:31 around here.

Chris Barton said...

Home alone with my boys since Thursday, I could have used some oobleck. I do believe we'll be picking up some corn starch on the way home from church today...

Vivian said...

Oobleck is the best stuff. Science experiment and fun hands-on-creativity rolled in one. If you use food coloring, make sure the kids are in play clothes, since they could get stained. And while this is messy, it is so easy to clean up. Have fun!

I bet you looked great. And yes, we do have fun over in this crazy household of mine. Enjoy your weekend!

slayground said...

I love this post in its entirety, but I am especially fond of the pieces which, when quoted out of context, create a mental picture that differs from the whole truth - example 1: "Yesterday, I had fifteen children" = visions from The Nutcracker, with all of the children emerging from the skirt; and example 2: "I found a mouse in my coat pocket." = Turn it into a story, or I will! :) Congrats on the writing progress.

The Cole Mine said...

Your post made me smile for so many reasons! First, I love Life is Good stuff. Second, I made oobleck as a kid. Such fun memories. And, we grew up using the expression, "Have a mouse in your pocket?" you know, when we asked for help with something trivial. Too fun. Thanks for the smiles!

adrienne said...

$2.95!!! Oh, to dream. Gas has gone down here, but it's not yet that inexpensive in western NY.

sheila said...

Get some Bluetak and affix that mouse to the underside of his toilet seat. Or the end of his shoes. In his cereal! Or pour him a cup of coffee with wee mousie in the bottom.

Yes, this is what happens to this mother's mind when surrounded by boys. Rude, crude and effective.