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Friday, October 17, 2008

Five on a Friday: The Books and Writing Edition

1.  Great news for one of my critique pals...Chris signed her first publishing contract!!! Wahoo! Our critique group has had the privilege of reading the evolution of Chris's manuscript--in the near future, you'll be able to read her book!  I am so proud of Chris's dedication and persistence to seeing her dream through.  Go on over and congratulate her!  

2.  P.J. Hoover, another critique buddy, is ramping up for the release of her first book, The Emerald Tablet.  For all those in the Austin, Texas area, you're invited to her book release party!

Date: Sunday, October 26th, 2008
Time: 4:00 pm
Place: BookPeople
Books, Fun, Games, Prizes

3.  I'm starting to get back the critiques from my latest submission and am so excited to get back to revisions.  There is specific stuff to wrap my hands around and it makes my job easier to rewrite.    

4.  The great discussions over at readergirlz this week in celebration of YALSA's Teen Read Week.  If you want great writing tips and fun discussions about books, go follow these links:

5. Beth Kephart's books.  Oh, my goodness.  Talk about poetry in motion.  And versatility.  Beth is a National Award finalist and has written non-fiction, memoirs, and YA (Undercover, House of Dance and Nothing but Ghosts (to be released June 2009).  I'm reading one of Beth's non-fiction books, Into the Tangle of Friendship: A Memoir of the Things that Matter, and savoring every word.  No boring non-fiction text here.  It is beautifully written, a lyrical treat.  If you're a writer, this book will help you analyze the dance of friendships and help convey the emotion, the power of friendship, lost and gained, onto paper.  Go read it.  You'll want to read her other books, too.   

Have a great weekend!


beckylevine said...

What a week--your critique group sounds wonderful!

Vivian said...

My critique group is amazing.

And I should add a big congrats to you for your new publishing contract! Wahoo!

slayground said...

Congrats to your critique group pals on their accomplishments, signings, and more!

Beth's books are great. I've read and enjoyed Undercover and House of Dance.

See you at the chat tonight. :)

Vivian said...

Thanks, LW! And thanks again for your birthday wishes for my daughter. She's a happy girl of 10 now!!!

I'll see you at the chat tonight!

Christine M said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter. Ten is a wonderful age.

And thanks so much for the link and the well wishes. It's been quite a week.

Lorie Ann Grover said...

All such good news! I'm reading House of Dance, right now. Such beautiful language.

Thanks for the roundup links!

Vivian said...

Lorie Ann,
You're welcome. I'm in the middle of House of Dance and it is wonderful.

Thank you. And enjoy the rush of the publishing contract! Your new adventure has begun! Congrats!

Beth Kephart said...


I was sitting here enjoying your Five, then going over to congratulate Chris, then wishing I could see PJ in Austin, then thinking about checking in to see what An Na has to say on ReaderGirlz and I absolutely was not prepared for your number five.

I humbly thank you, my dear.



Vivian said...

You're welcome. Though, really, I should be thanking you, for the joy I've gathered from reading your books.

Enjoy your weekend.

Susan (Chicken Spaghetti) said...

I've really enjoyed Beth Kephart's nonfiction, too, HWM, especially "A Slant of Sun: One Child's Courage" and "Seeing Past Z: Nurturing the Imagination in a Fast Forward World," an excellent book about children's reading and writing.

PJ Hoover said...

Thank you so much for the mention!
And yay for all your five! Speaking of which, I'll do your critique tonight!
And Beth's books are moving way to the top of the list! Wait - Amazon hasn't shipped House of Dance yet! I need to check on that!
have a great weekend :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, our critique group rocks!

Kim Baccellia

David said...

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