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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Birthday Party Ideas Needed

Ten-year-old birthday party for girls.  For three friends.  No sleepovers.  According to my daughter, all my suggestions are too babyish.  Any ideas?


Kelly said...

I'm boring, but I like the idea of a grown-up meal at a restaurant (their own table!) and a movie.

Susan (Chicken Spaghetti) said...

How about "City of Ember" and pizza afterward? We saw the movie this weekend, and Junior (almost 9) gave it two thumbs up.

Jennifer said...

We've done stuff like painting t-shirts, decorating clay pots and planting seeds in them (messy!), making bead jewelry-- mostly crafty things. (But of course if the suggestions came from me they were babyish/nerdy, too, so the key was for her to come up with the idea!)

Christine M said...

For my daughter's ninth birthday she did a "play". She found a script in an old American Girl magazine. We gathered the props ahead of time. Each of her friends took a part. They practiced a few times and then I recorded them. Before they left we gave them each a copy of their "movie". My daughter loves acting, so it was her favorite party ever.

Other themes we've done: Colonial, World War II (notice an American Girl theme).

For her tenth birthday she had one friend over for a sleepover and we went out to eat.

beth said...

I've always wanted to do this: a murder mystery (or otherwise mystery) dinner. One of those things that while you eat, you have a character that you stay in and then you try to solve the mystery.

Liz in Ink said...

ooooo, are they crafty???

My daughter had an AWESOME 10th birthday last month. Each girl brought a pair of jeans or t-shirt that they didn't mind permanently decorating. I bought this amazing iron-on stuff called Wonder Under -- you iron it on to different fabrics, thus rendering the fabrics iron-on-able. So the girls sat with scissors and cut out letters and patches and funky designs and decorated their clothes. Most of them embellished with embroidary thread and buttons. And then they did a little fashion show for us and each other. It took all afternoon and they were so busy and happy and creative. No need for party favors, either, because they go home with super cool clothes!!!

Also (and sorry for going on and on) her 10th birthday felt significant to ME, so I emailed tons of people (friends, family, teachers) and asked them to list then great things about her, or memorable things, or things they love and I put them all in a binder. We all cried...

beckylevine said...

Hmm...this probably isn't going to help, but son & I think his ten-year-old party might have been Laser Tag. :)

A play?

Vivian said...

Oh my goodness! You ALL have fantastic ideas! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I'll let you know what daughter decides.

PJ Hoover said...

Ok, I go with Liz's idea. I want jeans like that!

courtneywrites said...

Cooking class? It's a lot more fun than it sounds -- and it's not babyish -- we did it for my sister's wedding shower (or maybe my sister and I are too babyish -- I wouldn't put it past us!)

Also I love pottery painting -- but I know that's not very cool.

Madonna concert? I'm kidding about that one -- she's touring right now, and I'm obsessed with her.

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

I really like the ideas posted so far, especially the ones about the play and cooking class. What about a book-making party? This book looks promising: http://www.amazon.com/How-Make-Books-One-Kind/dp/0307353362

I've taken part in a couple of book-making workshops, including one where we dyed tissue-paper with food coloring for the covers, but I'm a fan of fancy, textured origami paper myself.

slayground said...

I love Kelly's idea of going to a grown-up restaurant. Maybe even have them make their own reservations beforehand!

Otherwise, at-home stuff:
Crafting of some kind/DIY! like:
Cook and prepare your own dinner from scratch!
Learn something new, like crocheting or knitting, something NONE of them have done before
Write and film a short documentary (even just all discussing their favorite book, or a movie they recently watched) or their own film (even just reenacting, again, a book/film/music video/etc)

...and otherwhere:
Go to an art museum
Go to a science museum
Volunteer somehow: planting trees, storytime at the library or at a hospital, etc

Little Willow said...

Happy birthday to her,
Happy birthday to her,
Happy birthday, HipWriterDaughter,
Happy birthday to her!

Becky said...

Let us know what she decides, please! And many, many happy returns to the Birthday Young Woman!

MotherReader said...

We did an early morning "kidnap" party at around 10/11 years old. We let the mothers of the five girls know and then went to their houses early on Sat morning and took the girls, in PJ's to IHOP for breakfast. Afterwards, we went back to the house for nail-painting, a T-shirt craft, and presents. It was fun, easy, and pretty cheap.

Anna Lefler said...

For what it's worth...

My daughter (about to turn 10) went to a birthday party recently that she really enjoyed. The guests met at the birthday girl's house, then walked (escorted) to a nail salon very close by, where they got fingers and toes pampered and painted. Then they all walked back to the hostess' house for pizza and bday cake. Everyone had a great time!

Hope that's helpful...Have fun!

:^) Anna