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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Five on a Friday: Labor Day Version

  1. My family and I went on vacation in Cape Cod.  There's nothing like the incredible views, salt air, and relaxation by the water.

  2. We went into Boston on Thursday for my middle daughter's appointment with her allergist.  She needed some dreaded bloodwork for her food allergies and immunology readings.  When it was her turn in the lab, I let her sit on my lap while she had her blood drawn.  My heart pounded when I felt her slump in my arms.  There is nothing so freaking frightening as when the words, "CODE BLUE" are shouted out because of your child.  We spent almost four hours in a triage room while the fine doctors monitored my daughter's heart and lungs. The good news is the emergency response over at the Boston Children's Hospital is beyond superb and most importantly, my daughter is fine--turns out she hyperventilated and fainted.  She was admitted into the ER since she was shaking, so they wanted to check if she had a seizure...which she didn't.   I think about 30 new grey hairs popped out since then... 

  3. Said daughter rode her bike and ran on the beach the next day because she had to prove to me she was okay.  I sweated it out and kept my mouth shut.  

  4. Eldest daughter created a salad she dubbed her "famous salad."  Baby spinach, strawberries and a sweet vinaigrette.  She mentioned she'd like to add feta cheese on it next time.  Delicious!

  5. My critique group assigned a one sentence plot premise for our manuscripts.  How can one sentence be such hard work?  But, I've come up with a couple, that I've just submitted to my group.  Cross fingers and toes!   

Hope you all had a great Labor Day Weekend!  Enjoy the week!


sheila said...

Oh gosh, did she pass out from the blood jab? Scary.

One of my kids had febrile seizures for a brief time when he was small. The first one was definitely the worst, although I never did get over watching him have them.

Being a parent is like having to hand over your heart, isn't it?

Vivian said...

You said it perfectly...being a parent is like having to hand over your heart.

And yes, my daughter hyperventilated and fainted. I just read my post and realized I omitted this, so I updated the info. What a twist of emotions!

I'm glad your son grew out of the febrile seizures--that must have been difficult to watch.

jama said...

So glad your daughter is okay. How scary that must have been!

And I'm jealous you were on the Cape. It's so beautiful up there!

Nowheymama said...

Oh, blood work. Yuck. I'm so glad she's Ok.

Christine M said...

I'm glad your daughter's okay. How very frightening!

PJ Hoover said...

How frightening for you, Vivian! I'm so glad she's OK and wanting to prove it!
And I'm looking forward to your sentences!

Patty P said...

Oh, the trauma! Poor kid. Poor mom.
Glad it worked out.
Now...onto reading your sentences!

Jennifer B said...

Wow--what a weekend you had! Hoping your week will be less stressful.

The Cole Mine said...

SO glad your daugher is ok!! How terrifying! My husband faints during blood draws too!

Barrie said...

That episode with the middle daughter sounds very scary. Good luck with your sentence(s). And I'm finally meeting PJ! In 16 days!!

Beth Kephart said...

Code Blue.


My heart skipped a few beats when I read that..... Just so glad she was biking happily the next day.

On a very different, non sequitor note — loving Book Thief so far. A real book!

beckylevine said...

You are such a wonderful mother. Your daughter--all your kids--are so lucky to have you in their lives. Congrats to you for letting her "prove" she was okay--what a kid!

I've tried that spinach/strawberry combo and just haven't been able to get it work. I wonder if there's a trick about WHEN to mix it all together. Or maybe I just need your daughter's dressing recipe. :)