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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Five on a Friday: It's Goal Setting Time!

One of my critique buddies, Patty Palmer, likes to start her "New Year" in September, when the kids start school, and there is a fresh start to everything. 

I really like this idea.  Last September, I started up a 30 Day Challenge to to get back on track after a relaxing summer.  I hoped to put a call out for the 30 Day Challenge this fall, but I need to focus on some family things.  But, there's nothing like setting goals, and I figure, my Five on a Friday post would be a great place to post my goals.  Nothing like keeping accountable!  

  1. This will be the Year of Eating Well.  It's time to revamp my family's eating habits so we think of food as healthy and fun.  Food is such an emotional topic over in my household because of my middle daughter's food allergies.  It's been exhausting, juggling to find foods everyone in my family will eat while trying to help my kids feel "normal" in this food-centric world.  I'm tired of all the "How come we can't eat blankety blank blank like other people?"  

    Add the fun quotient to our daily palate.  I've researched tons of recipes, and now that I finally have a stove, it's time to experiment and see what brings a smile to everyone's faces.

  2. I've been inspired by Melissa Walker's Live Chat at readergirlz.  She writes at least 1,000 every day when she's on deadline.  I need to act like I'm on deadline.  

    Write at least 1,000 words every day.  

  3. Becky Levine posted a Writing Thought from Rick Riordan.  You know all those great chapter titles?  If Rick Riordan can't think of a funny or crazy chapter title, he rewrites the ENTIRE chapter!  

     Do not to fall so much in love with a chapter.  Be willing to cut out and revise, but save in case it can be used in another life form.  Remember, it's the little details that make the whole.  

  4. One of my critique buddies, P. J. Hoover, shared this great plot exercise, and our critique group has been working on it all week.  Talk about being able to hone in and sharpen focus on what a manuscript needs (or maybe...done...just right!)--conflict, motivation, character strengths/weaknesses--all great stuff for revisions!  I'll be the first person to say that I'm not a fan of writing exercises, but this one is a must do.  It is really good.  

    :  Work on this exercise for all manuscripts.

  5. My children have grown so much over this summer, and I'm realizing that before I know it, they'll want to spend more time with their friends rather than family.  I'm being a little selfish here, but I want to enjoy being with my children without life stuff getting in the way.  

    Do at least one fun and spontaneous thing with family every week.  

Enjoy your weekend!


Beth Kephart said...

I find titles to be incredibly hard.

Sometimes I call on my son to help me out.

Sometimes I just spin and spin.....


Christine M said...

These sound like such great goals. I got off track last week - with the start of school. I need to set myself some writing goals for the weeks to come.

Vivian said...

Yes. Titles are hard. For chapters and manuscripts. Hope your son is enjoying college!

Can't wait to see what your writing goals will be!

PJ Hoover said...

I'm with you on the goals! I'll figure mine out for the rest of the year this weekend and post them!
Nothing like writing them down to make you focus on them!

Now off to do something spontaneous.

Vivian said...

Yay for focus! And being spontaneous!

Patty P said...

I love your goals. The one about enjoying your children is probably the most rewarding. They grow quickly and even though everyone knows this, it can still come as huge shock when they no longer have time for you.
I also agree that I'm not exactly a fan of writing exercises-feeling a little inadequate most of the time--but this one was good. Yeah for PJ!

kbaccellia said...


I totally flaked on this last year but I need to do this. Especially now that school has started.

My goal is to finish my WIP. At least get a first draft done. I'm almost there. I just need to get to the finish line!

Kim Baccellia

beckylevine said...


Thanks for the link. I just got back from a conference, and I'm adding one more thing to REMEMBER in this revision--emotional depth. Not overdone, not too many words, but that layer of real, true feeling.

Love your goals!