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Saturday, August 9, 2008

New Ideas Brewing, But...

I have a problem.  I have yet another idea for a new manuscript, and now I can't stop thinking.

New research is to be done because I know absolutely nothing about this subject matter.

A cast of characters needs to be developed, but the protagonist is all set.

The story...oh, man...is it a good story.  It always is at the start, isn't it?   


I have yet to finish the first draft on my YA historical novel I started at the beginning of this year.  I'm about 3/4 there--though, it's hard to say, until the manuscript is done to the point no holes can be picked at.  There are also three manuscripts in different stages of revisions, begging to be finished and sent off.  

All three manuscripts started, because I came up with an idea while I was writing a first draft... See a pattern here?  

Here's today's resolution.  Finish the projects I'm currently working on, and let this new idea brew for a bit.  Sigh.


Christine M said...

Let the new idea brew. But... Write it Down! Make notes. Everything you've thought of so far - even a first chapter if you've thought that far ahead. Then you'll have some of it out of your head - and that will give you room to finish your historical novel. And when you've gotten through that you'll remember the great ideas you had on the other.

I find myself jumping between projects a lot.

Right now I've got revisions on one, trying to finish first draft of another and there is an idea brewing for a third (and actually for a fourth - and maybe a fifth).

I like having things in different stages - because sometimes I want to do different kinds of things. Sometimes I want to make perfect something I've already got. Sometimes I want to make progress on an idea in process and sometimes I like to think up something entirely new.

Good luck with it all.

m. thompson said...

I agree with Christine. Write it all down! Unless you already did. :-)

I do the same thing. I have too many projects stewing around. I'm trying to be better about focusing on one project at a time. It's hard though, because sometimes I need a break. My manuscript needs the break from me, too!

Good luck!

PJ Hoover said...

Ditto! Finish - which it sounds like you've decided to do.
Then once you get through this draft, you can totally focus on the other.
It's so much fun to get new ideas!

beckylevine said...

This is one of those problems you are LUCKY to have, even when it drives you insane.

How about this? Go to your office supply store and buy some index cards and a lovely box to keep them in. Buy one color for characters, another for setting, and one more for plot (basically scenes, events, actions, etc). Keep it on your desk, but at the back. Then if/when something pops into your brain about this book, let yourself scribble it down on the appropriate colored card, shove it in the box, and close that lid. You won't lose anything, but you'll be carefully storing it up for later. Yes? :)

Chris Barton said...

As "problems" go, you're in great shape! Pity those poor folks with a totally blank slate instead of a list of future projects they're itching to get to.

While you're finishing up your YA historical novel, you'll probably want something to read on the side, right? How about something to help with the research of your new idea?

beth said...

Heh, I've got the same problem. I've got two completed mss., neither of them revised/edited/rewritten. I like the writing part, not the fixing part!!

laurasalas said...

Yes! So many ideas, so hard to follow one through to the very end! Kind of like plenty of people to date, but only one to marry.

Hope you can let your new idea percolate in your subconscious (without taking over completely) while you finish your novel!