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Monday, July 21, 2008

Inspiration Monday: Jason Mraz, Make it Mine

This is a great song to listen to on a Monday. No.  Make it every day.  Man, this guy just makes me smile.

So, here's today's inspiration.  Jason Mraz's "Make it Mine."  

Now go follow your dream. You can do it.


m. thompson said...

This was so awesome to listen to this morning. I'm with you. I had a huge smile listening and, oh what the hey, watching him. He's a doll. The song is great too.

beth said...

I'm a longtime Mraz fan...I went to some of the rinky "concerts" he gave at the bars back in the day, and it's been wonderful to see how much he's blown up over the years. I never got to actually meet Mraz--unless you count when he accidentally stepped on my fingers because I was leaning against the stage and had my arm too far out--but I did get to meet his band when my roommate talked me into hanging outside near his bus after the concert! *sigh* I was such a groupie :)

The Cole Mine said...

Oh he makes me smile too! Thanks for this today!