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Thursday, July 24, 2008

I Can Do Anything You Can Do...Girls Rock on Math!

Math study finds girls are just as good as boys.  Oh, yeah.  


PJ Hoover said...

I love that they're finally just "discovering" this.
I still cannot believe they had a barbie saying that!!!!!
Come on.

beckylevine said...

Finally is right.

But what is it then? My son's 6th grade advanced math class is almost all boys. The kids had to take a test to get into it, and I know that at our elementary school, at least, every kid in the class took the test--even those not going to that school! Are some schools not doing that--letting teachers, parents, and kids decide whether a student even tries the test? I'm so lousy at math (no, really!)that I can't judge who's getting it and who isn't. I'm thrilled about the study, but I'm not sure we're actually seeing these results "on the ground" yet.

sheila said...

I've been forced to reflect more on math now that I'm HSing all three of my kids. We use a math program that emphasizes the "complex problem solving" those researchers found lacking in today's school math and it has really improved MY math skills. Still, I find it very disheartening when we're at a store and the clerk can't do the math when I say "Here, can I give you a quarter and you give me back a $5 bill instead of $4.75?" They stare blankly at me and some have even said "Let me give you the change and THEN we can do the $5 thing, okay?" It seems like more than just girls have internalized Barbie's old mantra.

Stacey from Two Writing Teachers said...

I saw that and was just as pleased as you were!