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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Writing Tip: Introduction to The Hero's Journey

It's all her fault.  Yup.  PJ Hoover.  PJ is one of my critique buddies. She happened to mention The Hero's Journey, when I shared my plotting outline method.  She even went so far as to share her plot structure.  And because I  enjoy her writing so much, I decided to try this method.  

Of course I had to find out whether there was a YouTube video of The Hero's Journey...and guess what I found?  A video of Christopher Vogler, creator of The Writer's Journey for screenwriters, describing The Hero's Journey for the movie, The Matrix.  I haven't watched this movie, so if you've seen it, let me know if you liked it.  In any event, if you want a quick synopsis of The Hero's Journey, watch this.


The Cole Mine said...

Just sent this to my friend who is trying his hand at screenplay writing. Very interesting - thanks for sharing this. Love that I always learn something here!

:: Suzanne :: said...

Harry follows a Hero's Journey in each of JKR's books.

sheila said...

I don't think I ever watched The Matrix with an eye to The Hero's Journey, but it certainly works, particularly when viewed against that well-cut YouTube video!

Keanu used to be a Guilty Secret of mine. As long as he kept his mouth shut, I loved him. He really is the most wooden of actors, but he was great in The Matrix. And Constantine. (I love those vaguely cheesy portentous movies) And how can one not love Hugo Weaving? He was good in both Priscilla AND V For Vendetta.

Vivian said...

The Cole Mine,
Glad you found this helpful!


You're right. I just added a post about this and linked to you.


Guilty Secret. Love it. But very true. I adored Keanu in A Walk in the Clouds (I was surprised he could play a romantic lead), Speed and Point Break.

PJ Hoover said...

I love this video, Vivian!
And thank you so much for the huge compliment!!!!! It made my day :)

Tasses said...

Thanks for sharing this great video!

Sarah Rettger said...

How did you know I had big revision plans for this weekend? ;-)

Thanks for the reminder - I bookmarked both your posts when you put them up last month, but this is even better than searching through my bookmark file (yeah, yet another thing that needs some organization help).

Vivian said...

You're welcome!

Thanks for visiting and I'm glad you liked this.

This video puts it all together, doesn't it? Good luck with your revisions!

Little Willow said...

I love the journey. I always want journeys. I always want actions to lead to deserving/earned consequences.

The Matrix was a very cool film, in terms of both visuals and stories. There were a few parts I didn't like so much - the lots and lots of guns and some other things I don't want to spoil for you - so I think I would rave more about it if it were a book and could imagine some things for myself.

PJ Hoover said...

Yep, unfortunately way too many guns. I'd cringe for my son to see it. But it's so awesome I'd also want him to.
I'll wait.

Anonymous said...

I met him at the Maui writers conference back in '04. I love his book and base my own writing on his model.

Kim Baccellia

Suzanne said...

What a hoot. I'm searching for Hero's Quest worksheets as I about to introduce the idea to my kids as we start a unit on Gilgamesh. I google Hero's Journey Harry Potter - thinking I can explain the HJ ala Harry, and I find your post. I follow it, and find myself.