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Sunday, June 8, 2008

I Wave the White Flag...

If there could be an award for world's fewest pages read for Mother Readers' 48 Hour Book Challenge, I'd probably win.  14 pages of Dairy Queen by Catherine Murdock.  That's it.  Sigh.

I have tons of excuses: soccer game, the overwhelming heat, kid's activities, the heat, family time, did I mention the heat?

Go over here to find out how people did in the challenge.  Definitely better than I did.  


Sarah Rettger said...

For me, the heat *was* my excuse to spend hours reading. One more reason why I'm so not ready to be anyone's mama.

Give Dairy Queen a try when you have some free time, though - absolutely worth it.

beckylevine said...

You did better than me. I didn't even try. Some day...

Jen Robinson said...

Maybe next year... But I second Sarah's comment. I really think you'll like Dairy Queen when you can find time for it.