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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Farewell to School and Awesome Teacher Gifts

Today is the last day of school for my children.  The year has passed so quickly and it seems strange to think I will have a second grader and a fourth grader in school this fall.  Gulp.  

My children had their end-of-the-school-year parties in their classrooms yesterday.  It seems the class gifts for both of my school-age children had the personal touch this year.   My first grader's class drew pictures of themselves on fabric squares and one of the mothers put the pieces together and sewed them up into a class quilt for the teacher.  It was really quite lovely.  

I was the room mother for my third grader's class and had the students meet me after school on two different days last week to write thank you notes and put together a scrapbook page for their teacher and assistant teacher.  Talk about glue everywhere, children arguing about who got what piece of decorative paper, missing pictures, shredded paper, and scissors in the wrong child's hands. I forgot to mention the panic.  On my part.  You see, I've never had so many children together for an art project.  It was rather unnerving.

And scrapbooking?  I figured it would be easy.  I mean how hard is it to cut and paste paper and pictures together?  Er, a lot more work than I ever imagined.  Talk about another five hours after the children finished their pages.  But, I managed to assemble two scrapbooks--one for the teacher and one for the assistant teacher.  And they turned out Beautiful, with a capital B.

I arranged the class picture on the front page, the incredible Our Deepest Fear poem on the second page, and the children's pages followed in alphabetical order.  All the children's names and 2008 were written on each of the pages in marker, and then highlighted in silver.  The final page had inspirational teacher quotes with a thank you from the entire class.  The families also chipped in to purchase gift cards so the teachers could treat themselves to a little something.  

If ever you need an idea for a teacher gift next year, I would recommend a thank you scrapbook from the children.  To watch the teachers open up the scrapbooks, faces glowing, eyes bright from reading all the children's notes...it was a gift for the children and for me.  

Now to work on scrapbooks for my children...


Christine M said...

What wonderful teacher gifts!

We aren't done with school till next Tuesday. Are we the only people still in school?

Nowheymama said...

Wow--I am impressed! My teacher gift cards and I will be hiding over here in the corner. :)

PJ Hoover said...

Super great job. What an undertaking! I know the teacher had to love it!
We did a class cookbook with a picture, quote, and recipe from each child done up in Snapfish,

Kelly said...

Great presents, HWM! I'll be those teachers are happy :)

Here's to a great summer! (We're already in week 3 of summer here.)

Vivian said...

Enjoy the time to write. It'll be hard once the kids are out for the summer.

I'm sure the teachers will LOVE the gift cards. I figured third graders are at an age where they are able to do a nice job on a scrapbook page and write nice notes.

The class cookbook sounds like a great idea! Perhaps next year...

I can't imagine three weeks of summer vacation already. Hope you're enjoying it!

Callipygia said...

it is such a great idea in spite of the chaos to get to the finished product. The teacher must have loved it!

The Cole Mine said...

Beautiful gift. Your children's teachers will cherish it forever! Gifts with thought and meaning are the best kind! I am in charge of the preschool teacher gift next year and you have given me ideas and inspiration. :)

Liz in Ink said...

How sweet and thoughtul. Last year we did a little book for my kindergartener's teacher where each child said what they loved about Ms. Y. The answers ranged from "She's beautiful..." to "She's organized..." So funny and real.

We've been doing summer for a few weeks here; hope you ENJOY!!!

Cloudscome said...

These are both great ideas! For one of our daycare teachers that was moving on to a different job this year I made a quilt and we had all the kids put their palm print on it with fabric paint. Tears all around.

One of our third grade teachers always makes a scrap book for each of the kids at the end of the year. This year she did it digitally and burned CDs for the kids. Took less time and turned out beautifully!

When I do end-of-the year gifts for my kids' teachers I usually take them to the florist shop and we buy a flowering plant for each teacher. African violets or geraniums are inexpensive, easy to keep blooming and beautiful. The little guys love picking out the flowers and delivering them all over the school.

Patty P said...

2nd and 4th grade, huh? It goes by FAST. My oldest goes to high school next year. Ask me how that happened!
As for the teachers gifts, very cute. I'm sure the teachers loved them.
Now it's summer...enjoy!