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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It Hurts...

"Mom, you know when I move my foot like this?"  Child twists foot in strange angle.


"It hurts when I do that."  

"Er...Well don't do it."

Clearly, I'm not the most sympathetic mom.


Nowheymama said...


Christine M said...

I've said the same thing any number of times. And then of course my children are famous for coming down with all sorts of ailments at bedtime. This hurts, that aches. My standard response - "go to sleep, see if you feel better in the morning" - 99% of the time the problem disappears by then!

Kelly said...

Awww... you're the best mom ever, HWM!

A Literate Musician said...

My mom use to tell me the same thing.
It always worked for me though.

PJ Hoover said...

I thought this is what the parent's handbook said we should say. The version I got did.
Oh, wait, maybe I never got a handbook.

beth said...

Hey, that's what makes tough kids. I broke my thumb and my mom told me to get a band-aid and quit crying!

'Course, then my bones grew back funny and I've got a gimped up thumb. Every time I want something from my mom, I waggle that gimped up thumb at her and she feels guilty all over again!! :)

The Cole Mine said...

Oh we have conversations just like that all the time. Josh will bonk a toy into his head and then whine telling me it hurts..."Well, then, stop it."