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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Alice Project...Helping Girls Learn to Program in a 3D Environment

This is so cool.  Randy Pausch, Professor of Carnegie Mellon University started The Alice Project at Carnegie Mellon University to help teen girls learn to program.  All in a 3D programming environment so teens can learn how to create animation to tell a story or play an interactive game while learning introductory computing.  

You can download versions for middle school and high school/college levels here.  Upcoming characters will be from The Sims 2.

Edited to add:  If you want to get the inspiration of a lifetime, check out Randy Pausch's Last Lecture.  It's 76 minutes and worth every minute.  His book, based on his lecture, was released yesterday, The Last Lecture: A Love Story for Your Life.

Edited to add:  Thank you, NPR News: The Bryant Park Project for linking to this post, here and here.  I am honored.


lori said...

We downloaded the version for middle schoolers, Storytelling Alice, for my 9-year-old. She took the tutorial and was able to create a short movie very quickly, maybe in two hours total. It's a great program.

BTW, Pausch is dying of pancreatic cancer and has a very popular video available on the web: The Last Lecture. You can find the link on his home page, which you linked to in your post.

lori said...

Oh, and of course I just saw your previous post where you talk about Pausch's last lecture video. Sorry I didn't see it sooner!

HipWriterMama said...

Hi Lori,
Thanks for visiting. I am awed by Randy Pausch and all he has accomplished. His interview with Diane Sawyer last night was quite poignant. His book, The Last Lecture, was also released yesterday.

Actually, I'll link his video to this post so it'll make it easier for people to see.

Glad your daughter liked using the program. If your 9 year old liked this, I'll see if my 9 year old wants to try this. I'd love for her to be comfortable on the computer.

Patty P said...

I've seen bits and pieces of his lecture. It makes you see things more clearly, doesn't it?
Just catching up on your blog posts...love it all.

courtneywrites said...

I can't stop thinking about Professor Pausch -- what an amazing person. I read the transcript of the speech this morning.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting the link to the Alice Project. I heard Randy Pausch speak about it at the end of his interview on PrimeTime Live, and concluded that if he was involved in it, it would be worthwhile to check out. My daughter and I have been playing around with it, and it is very cool. Thanks!

Kim said...

I have been sick, so I watched the whole video in bed yesterday. Wow!

I added you to my LJ friends list. Not sure if you actually read your blogs through that, but added you just in case so you can get the f-locked posts :-)