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Monday, March 24, 2008

Any Good News? Anyone?

It's a beautiful day here in my town.  Somehow, the crispness of the fresh air is making me yearn to hear good news.  So, come on.  Don't be shy.  Let's celebrate spring...and you.  Share some good news and make me smile.


Christine M said...

Let's see - good news? Well, my son has his first baseball practice tonight - and the kids have the week off from school (which is good news for them, but I'm not so sure about me). Hopefully someone else has some better news. Great idea, though!

Blink said...

Our little, but very busy parent center in our school got some great press on our website this week. Click on URL (I hope) to see more about how we build a home-school partnership.
Enjoy and thanks for the opportunity to share good news.

m. thompson said...

I finished my first draft! Now on the revisions.

Kaleb said...

my agent called with a publishing deal for my first novel. :) I don't know if my year can get any better.

SamRiddleburger said...

Kaleb wins! That's great news!

My own good news is making the Bank Street Best Books list! Yeeha!

Also spring is coming and 10,000 hapinesses await!

HipWriterMama said...

Hope your son has a good baseball practice. The kids just had their week off from school. Have fun!

Thanks for the link. I tried to copy it onto a page to open the webpage and it didn't work. Unless I did something wrong... If you'd like to put in the web address again, please do so. Congrats on your parent center.

M. Thompson,
Isn't it great to have a first draft done? Congrats and good luck on the revision(s).

Wahoo! Congratulations! That must have been so fun to post about your fantastic news. Enjoy every moment!

Congratulations! That is awesome news for The Quickpick Adventure Society! This is a great way to celebrate spring.


I'm loving the news over here. Come on, bring me some more goodness!

:: Suzanne :: said...

Dandy is doing much much better. Life is good again.

Barrie said...

My revisions are going really well. Phew.

Child #4 is understanding 3 digit addition and subtraction with borrowing/carrying. Yay!

HipWriterMama said...

I'm so glad! You must be so thrilled. Here's to continued progress.

Yay, for the revisions! We're almost there with the 3 digit addition and subtraction for child #1. It's been a painful process over here. Can't wait for this to click!

Yay for your child #4!

The Cole Mine said...

We are going to a birthday party today and my son LOVES birthday parties...Thanks for sharing all this good news!

Anonymous said...

That is so cool to hear news about a book deal. Congrats Kaleb! One of these days...

My good news is I've finally figured out what's going to happen to a few of my characters and it's making the writing go more smoothly.

HipWriterMama said...

The Cole Mine,
Hope your son has a great time at the birthday party.

Best of luck with your writing.

courtneywrites said...

I can (finally) see the light at the end of the tunnel of book I'm writing. And someone on the street just complimented my shoes.

Blink said...

I'm going to try to share this good news again. You may have to copy and past URL into address window.


Good luck and congrats to all those writers out there achieving wonderful stuff!

Jennifer said...

Good news... good idea!

Flu is over, met deadlines, having good drawing days, book project looks promising, snowbells peeking out of the ground... oh this is quite addictive!

HipWriterMama said...

Oooo. Sounds like you're almost there. Good luck! And there's nothing better than a cool pair of shoes.

Thanks for sending the link over again. I realized the problem was I was on my mac. Here's the good news about Blink's parent center!

Glad things are looking up for you! This is addictive, isn't it?

Sara said...

My niece is getting to go to London for the Harry Potter movie premier through the Make a Wish foundation.

My daughter's boyfriend fixed our toilet.

I found a lost house key.

Tulips. And sunshine. And jelly beans.

This is fun!