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Friday, February 15, 2008

Poetry Friday Roundup Over Here Today!

Okay, everyone. Poetry Roundup is here today! Stop by, leave a link and comment with your poetry submission. If you're new to Poetry Friday, have no fear. You're welcome to join in all the fun. For detailed information on what Poetry Friday is all about, check out Chicken Spaghetti's most excellent explanation.

I'll be helping out in my children's classrooms this morning, so I'll post the Roundup later in the day. I'm helping out with Math Games in my third grader's class. Afterwards, I'll go to first grader's class for my talk on taking care of books. I couldn't figure out what to do, but, you did! Thank you! (Edited to add: The first graders were awesome! Here's what happened. Thanks for all the good wishes!)

It's only fitting I found this poem to put me in the proper mindset to approach these first graders. Not!

On the Gift of a Book to a Child
by Hilaire Belloc

Child! do not throw this book about!
Refrain from the unholy pleasure
Of cutting all the pictures out!
Preserve it as your chiefest treasure.

Child, have you never heard it said
That you are heir to all the ages?
Why, then, your hands were never made
To tear these beautiful thick pages!

If you're interested in reading the rest of this poem, go here.

Today was one of those busy, busy, busy days. What better way to relax and unwind with some great poetry? We've got some fun, some sweet, poignant and original this weekend, so kick back and enjoy.

SASSY and FUN...
Wizards Wireless has some fun lyrics to give our rocking busy schedules a little lift. Think Kevin Kline, a parady/homage to Gilbert and Sullivan and Philadelphia Chickens.

AmoXcalli has an amusing poem about some Rumpelstiltskin love.

TadMack's got some chocolate Scrabble and X.J. Kennedy up.

Shelf Elf has a fun poem by Allan Ahlberg.

Stacey from Two Writing Teachers is in with an amusing poem by Gregory K. Feel better soon!

Laura Salas shares an unforgettable Billy Collins.

A healthy love that is adorable...thanks to Passionately Curious.

Sarah Miller shares some fun nonsense by Edward Lear.

Miss Erin brings in some fun for the masses. Don't fret, don't stress, don't worry a bit. Dr. Seuss is here and offers up great words of wisdom.

Mme T from Destined to Be a Classic shares an amusing poem, "In Answer to Your Query," by Naomi Lezard.

Liz B (A Chair, A Fireplace and a Tea Cozy) is in with a classic, "The Owl and the Pussycat."


Tricia (Miss Rumphius) is in with a poignant poem, Babylon by Robert Graves. Birthday wishes and the passing of youth....beautiful poem.

Elaine has some poetry over at the Blue Rose Girls in honor of Black History Month.

Jama Rattigan is in with a majestic poem, The Windhover by Gerard Manley Hopkins.

So very cool. The Reading Zone can't wait to see the monarch butterflies in Mexico. Here's to a wonderful trip with tons of butterflies!

Little Willow shares a bit of Carl Sandburg.

The Well Read Child offers some insight to Matthew Arnold's Dover Beach.

Felicity of Look Books honors a favorite teacher.

Sylvia Vardell pairs and compares poems.


Cloudscome is in with some romantic e.e. cummings. Beautiful.

Writer2B has a fun card and sweet post on lasting love.

Charlotte's Library is in with "Jenny Kissed Me."

Ahhh....it would not be Valentine's without a little Shakespeare. Thank you, Chris from The Simple and the Ordinary.

7-Imp is in with an oh-so-hot Roethe in LO-O-O-O-VE.


Over at Wild Rose Reader, Elaine shares some original metaphor poems. Lovely!

Mary Lee from A Year of Reading has a great Google Reader Chant called Blog, Blog, Blog.

Sara Lewis Holmes offers up a sizzlin' original poem.

Laura Salas challenges us to 15 Words or Less.

Liz Garton Scanlon is in with lovely Perspective.

Tiel Aisha Ansari writes Would I Know You. Very nice.

Ruth from Two Writing Teachers is in with sweet Birthday Wishes.

Marcie from World of Words shares her bright poem.

What do you get when you combine sweetheart candies and poetry? MsMac knows.


Laurel of Kid*Lit(erary) shares Matthea Harvey.

John Mutford shares a Zachariah Wells poetry book and a cool soundtrack.

Kelly Fineman inspires with the April Rain Song from The Oxford Illustrated Book of American Children's Poems over at I.N.K. Kelly also offers up not one, but five lovely poetry books celebrating all sorts of birds in honor of The Great Backyard Bird Count.

MotherReader asks us all to pay attention...Speak to Me (And I Will Listen Between The Lines.)

Sheila at Greenridge Chronicles has a little Keats in a Small World.

Now I've got Annie Lennox's song on my brain. Would I lie to you? Now add one little word to this title, and you've got a whole new meaning in this tease of a story, Would I Ever Lie to You? Thank you, Anastasia.

Suzanne (Daily Adventures in Living) shares her admiration for Mary Cornish, and her poem, "Numbers" from Red Studio.

Susan (Chicken Spaghetti) shares a writing tip from Janice N. Harrington and Nikki Grimes. Rewrite, rewrite, rewrite.

Fiona at Books and Rocks reviews Atlantic by G. Brian Karas.

Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy the poetry!


Tricia said...

Hi Vivian,
First, good luck with your classroom stint today. I hope you write when it's over to tell us how it went.

I'm in today with a poem about the passing of youth.

Thanks for rounding us up!

Gina MarySol Ruiz said...

Thank you for hosting today! I'm in with a poem about Rumplestiltskin. I couldn't resist!

Elaine Magliaro said...


Thanks for doing the roundup this week. I've posted some short snippets of metaphor poems at Wild Rose Reader that I wrote for Tricia's Poetry Stretch this week.

Mary Lee said...

Happy Friday! Have fun rounding up!

Cloudscome said...

I know you will enjoy your day at school. I can't wait to hear how the book talk goes. In the library I try to save some of the poor dog-chewed, left-out-in-the-rain teared up books for talks like yours. Showing a few abused books always gets the point across.

I posted a love poem by cummings today.

jama said...

Today I'm sharing "The Windhover" by Gerard Manley Hopkins. Thanks for hosting, Vivian, and good luck with those first graders!

Sara said...

Go, Vivian! I hope we'll get a full blog report. :)

Thanks for hosting today. I'm in with an original "hot" poem.

laurasalas said...

Vivian--Good luck at school! Give 'em hell! ;>) And tell us how it goes.

I'm in with a Billy Collins poem at http://laurasalas.livejournal.com/45142.html and also with 15 Words or Less poems at http://laurasalas.livejournal.com/44922.html.

Thanks for doing the roundup.

writer2b said...

Thanks for hosting. I posted a Wendell Berry poem.

The librarian at my daughter's school gave kindergarteners a special bag for their library books... but we were forever losing both bag and book. Good luck.

TadMack said...

Thanks for hosting! I'm in with another XJ Kennedy poem... less romantic than funny, but there's chocolate!

Mme T said...

Hope your day went well with the 1st graders! I have a poem, "In Response to Your Query" by Naomi Lazar. It's about shopping, but reminds me of the sense of powerlessness and futility I often feel when trying to deal with those in authority.

Laurel said...

Thanks so much for hosting!

I'm in with a poem by matthea Harvey, a young poet who also has a new picture book out, and has invented a really neat trick called the "Swivel Line"!


Liz in Ink said...

Thanks for hosting, Vivian! Good luck at school...

Christine M said...

Thanks for doing the round-up! Good luck with the book talk. I'm in with a little Shakespeare in honor Valentine's day.

PJ Hoover said...

Perfect poem for you!

slayground said...

Have fun with the munchkins! :)

Passionately Curious said...

Can't wait to hear about your first grade classroom visit. Can you come you come to mine? :) I've left a favorite poem that I love to share with my second graders on Valentine's Day.

sheila said...

Hello hello!

I'm in with a Keats snippet and a little David Lodge to flesh it all out (wink wink nudge nudge).

Thanks for hosting!

twowritingteachers said...

I'm in with an original + a photo. Thanks for hosting!
Ruth (Two Writing Teachers)

6traits said...

Have fun at school!

M.F. Atkins said...

Thanks for hosting. I'm in with a color poem based on Hailstones and Halibut Bones.


Becky at Farm School said...

That is one HECK of a day! Hope it all goes well -- you will give us a classroom update (I wouldn't mind hearing about the math games, too, hint hint...), won't you? -- and thanks for hosting!

Susan T. said...

Vivian, merci for rounding up!

I'm in with a bit on rewriting and Janice Harrington and Nikki Grimes.

Ruth said...

Thanks for doing the roundup. I learned a new word this week, ekphrastic, so I'm showing that off and posting a poem that's in that category.

Rebecca said...

Thanks for hosting!

I'm feeling nostalgic so there's a bit of Jane Siberry word magic on Ipsa Dixit - The Valley (with KD Lang singing it via YouTube).

Liz B said...

Thanks for doing the roundup! I just left a link to my post.

Sylvia Vardell said...

Thanks for rounding us up. Hope it's not too late to join in-- with a bit on pairing and comparing poems.

msmac said...

Funny story. Had my post up Thursday night, Friday AM my computer crashed. So I am late.