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Monday, February 4, 2008

Face-to-Face with Mitali Perkins

Remember when I interviewed Mitali Perkins? Turns out Mitali had a Super Book Launch Party yesterday, celebrating the release of First Daughter: White House Rules.

I had to stop by and say hello...being she's a new readergirlz diva, I'm a new postergirlz for the readergirlz and we both live in Massachusetts.

I brought my children with me. My nine-year-old was fascinated by the huge line of people waiting for Mitali's autograph. A few people were taking pictures of Mitali, the flashes going off the cameras, and my children were starstruck.

"Wow! Mom, you know someone famous!"

Needless to say, my eldest daughter couldn't wait to get Mitali's autograph. It didn't matter that the First Daughter books were too advanced for her. Nine-year-old was impressed that Mitali and I hugged and had a nice conversation. Mitali spoke to all the girls and they were thrilled. Especially when Mitali asked them about their artwork on my blog. Mitali...I think you have fans for life. When the kids found out Mitali was being interviewed by a reporter, eldest child led her two siblings to a spot nearby and watched. They were so mesmerized, I didn't even have to threaten them to keep quiet!

All I can say is, Mitali is a sweetheart and she totally rocks!


Little Willow said...

That is adorable. Yay all around.

Christine M said...

What fun! I remember when I took the kids to meet Jennifer Holm at a book signing. It wasn't crowded and the kids got to talk to her for awhile. It's so much fun to meet people who you only know from a name on a book.

PJ Hoover said...

Doesn't your daughter know you're famous?

Mitali Perkins said...

Thanks so much for coming; the girls are fabulous and so reminded me of my sisters and I. It was great to finally meet you face to face.

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

I would love to meet Mitali someday. She's so warm and wise.

I can't wait to read this book--I enjoyed the first in the series.