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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Public Service Announcement: How Do You Find Out About Emergencies in Your Town?

Early yesterday evening, right in the middle of my dinner preparations, my husband called me in a panic.

"Don't use the water. There's a water emergency! Most of the town doesn't have water and if anyone does, it'll be all brown. Plus who knows if the water is even safe to drink now."

He was surprised we had water and there was no discoloration. Of course he said he'd come home with a few gallons of water. I love water. It's my beverage of choice. And I was getting pretty disgusted imagining all the vile bacteria that was floating around my body. Especially getting worried about whether it would harm my children. And wondering how much of the stuff was now in the food I prepared.

Nothing like thinking about these things after reading Susan Beth Pfeffer's arc, The Dead and the Gone, due to be released in June 2008. I think this will be her 75th book. The Dead and the Gone, incidentally was a good read. It explored how a family handles an apocalyptic event when food is a luxury, help is almost non-existent, money has no value, and people have to depend on one another if they want to survive. I didn't find this book depressing, because I could see the courage and hope throughout the book. All I can say is reading this book made me think about life in a whole new way.

When my husband got home, he was commenting on the unusual numbers of people who were in the store to buy water. Our conversation finally got around to how he found out about this. And would you believe, I was surprised. We've lived in this town for over twelve years and I never paid attention to this. My bad.

My town has a wonderful system where calls are made to all the town phone numbers in the event of a town-wide emergency. Even e-mails are sent out. Our home number is unlisted, so I never got a call. But my husband received the call on his cell phone.

All I had to do was go on-line to my town's website to register our home number, my cell phone number and e-mail with the town. Easy enough it took less than five minutes to ensure I'll be in the know in the event of an emergency.

I urge all of you, to check with your local town hall so you can find out how town-wide emergencies are handled in your area. Be prepared. Thus ends this public service announcement.


Jen Robinson said...

Hope that the water situation is ok now. Thanks for the advice.

Anonymous said...

That is so cool about your town's emergency contact system. Thanks for this tip. I would have never thought about this.