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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2008 New Year's 30 Day Challenge Starts Today!

I'm psyched. We're going to start the 2008 New Year's 30 Day Challenge today. Nothing like starting off the New Year with optimism and purpose to start a new habit that will give us the strength and the ability to do things no matter what. It's these small steps that will get us determined and motivated to get to the big steps. And I want to help you get there.

I was trying to figure out what I'd like to do in this next 30 days. At first it was finishing up my revisions on one of my manuscripts and sending it off on the 30th day, but then I got a little nervous of the pressure I'd put on myself to make everything perfect in 30 days. And then stressed over the potential mistakes I might not catch because of the rush. So, I decided getting a manuscript out would not be Challenge material.

What I'll do instead is to write at least 500 words everyday on my new WIP, since this new project is singing my name. If I complete the first draft by the end of the 30 days, I will be thrilled. In case you'd like to follow my progress on this project, you can check out the word meter I put on my sidebar. Ack! Nothing like putting it out there.

Okay, now to the good stuff. I really hope you'll join me in this 30 Day Challenge. It's always more fun when other people are motivated and encouraged to go on an adventure. So, here are the rules...

2008 New Year's 30 Day Challenge Rules:
1. The Challenge starts today! Write a quick comment below. Tell me what new habit you'd like to work on. This can be as short as one sentence or as long as you'd like. If you already wrote your comment in Monday's post, consider yourself entered.

2. If you're going the distance for this 30 Day Challenge, it's important to check in every week via comment with a very quick report on your progress. I find accountability works wonders to keep me on track. So I'm hoping it will do the same for you. Only those who are accountable to their goals and report in every week will be considered for the grand prize.

The 6 dates to check in are:
Today, Wednesday, January 2nd (first day of challenge): Be specific on what you'd like to do to work on your new habit.
Monday, January 7th
Monday, January 14th
Monday, January 21st
Monday, January 28th
Thursday, January 31st by 11:00 PM EST

3. The winner will be announced on Friday, February 1, 2008.

Edited to Add: I thought it might be good idea to link to the blogs or websites of everyone who is determined to complete this 30 Day Challenge. That way, you can stop by and leave a comment, if possible, as encouragement. Nothing like a little support to help make it through a tough day. If you've already committed to this Challenge, I've added your blog or website I could find for you to Mr. Linky.

For anyone new to this 30 Day Challenge, please leave a comment with your Challenge intentions and the link to your blog/website to Mr. Linky. Let's encourage and support one another!

Okay, I hope you're ready to join in and have some fun. Ready. Set. Go! Comment away.


Alkelda the Gleeful said...

I've decided to work on barre chords in a serious, methodical manner. So, I think 15 minutes a day is good. I'll even time myself. I won't make it high pressure, but those fingers are never going to stretch and get strong enough to hold down the steel strings if I'm not methodical about it. And once I get barre chords down, I'll have so much more freedom in terms of the songs I can play. So, that's my 30 day challenge: 15 minutes a day devoted to barre-ing.

HipWriterMama said...

Yay, Alkelda! Here's to barre chords!

laurasalas said...

Gulp. I've been putting this off so long that I hesitate to make this commitment, because I know I'll hold myself to it. OK, here goes.

I will work at least 30 minutes per day on my novel revision. There, I said it. The novel might still be crappy after 15+ hours more work on it, but maybe it'll make a difference and I'll find myself on a new path with it.

N.A. Nelson said...

Okay, this timing works well for me, too. Website is done. Curriculum guide is done. Class of 2K8 author page is done. I'm excited about getting back to the trenches! My goals are to:
1)organize every day into time slots so I'm not running around like the proverbial chicken yet in the end getting nothing accomplished.
2)write 1 hour a day on my new WIP.

N.A. Nelson

HipWriterMama said...

Love your goal. I know what you mean about worrying about whether the content is crappy. I found myself stressing about my 500 word goal, since I think I'll obsess about making those words perfect.

But I think if we can get ourselves that much closer to where we want to go, the time we spend will be so worth it.

Good luck!

N.A. Nelson,
Welcome to my blog and to the Challenge. Congrats on being in the Class of 2k8!

Here's to working towards your goals!

Franki said...

Okay, since I made my Boot Camp adventure public, I'll join the challenge too! I want to make it through the whole 20 days of Boot Camp and have something to show for it (more energy, lost weight, anything!)
Getting myself out of bed and to the gym at 5:30 am before work every day in the middle of winter is the main goal so that's what I'll focus on!

Christine M said...

Okay - my challenge - is to write at least 1/2 hour a day and to finish the third part of my WIP.

I also want to send out at least one query a week for my finished manuscript. Those goals should keep me going a bit.

(I'll leave out the other kind of things like eat better, exercise, get the house organized - you know things like that)

PJ Hoover said...

Count me in!

I will drink eight glasses of water a day!

Debbie said...

Oh, I just deleted my last entry, it sounded so pathetic. I'm going to take charge and walk everyday for half an hour.

wuggienorple said...

Oh boy, here we go:
I will sit down BIC and produce new words in my WIP for at least 30 minutes each day. :o) Pam

laurasalas said...

Debbie, that was *not* a pathetic goal! You should pick whatever you need at this moment. Not taking care of myself eventually led to an almost-yearlong separation from my husband while I did exactly that--took care of myself first, for a change. So don't let it get that bad! It's not selfish. Good luck in whichever goal you go for!

HipWriterMama said...

Thanks for visiting. I'm so glad you joined the Challenge. Good luck!

Congrats again on the Class 2k8! Here's to being healthy in 2008!

HipWriterMama said...

Thank you for being brave enough to comment. Laura couldn't have said it better. This Challenge is for you--no worries about anyone else.

Great encouragement from the heart. Now that's what I'm talking about!

kim baccellia said...

Here are my goals:

1) Send revisions of CO to an editor.
2) No Starbucks!
3) Write at least an hour on either one of my WIP's.

jmprince said...

Thanks to Laura for the link.
This is something I desperately need to do, so I'm doing it.

My goal is, like Laura's, to work on my revisions for 30 minutes each day.

It sounds so simple. Why do I get the feeling it won't be?

laurasalas said...

This is fun. A short-term support group, kind of. I can't wait to see how everyone does.

Thanks, Vivian, for organizing this. It's my first time participating, and I'm excited about it! I did my 30 minutes this morning with a feeling of mainly enthusiasm instead of mainly fear.

Laini Taylor said...

Hi Vivian and happy new year! I'd love to form a new habit right now (it would be exercise, I'm afraid) but I'm too much of a coward. Too much work in the next few weeks to commit. But. . . you've planted a seed. Hope your new historical fiction is going great -- I'm curious what your arena is. I love historical fiction but I'm not such a good researcher and am a little afraid to try writing it (one of the stories in Goblin Fruit is historical but it's short, so it wasn't such a big leap. Maybe one day! My fascination is Raj-era India. For now, I'm just going to keep reading about it and gradually get more comfortable with the era. Then maybe one day. . .

Happy New year!

HipWriterMama said...

I'm so glad you're joining in this Challenge. Good luck!

Thanks for visiting. Take one day at a time. And I think it'll be easier for you than you think. Challenging, perhaps. But totally doable. Good luck!

You're welcome. It is more fun when you have the support of others.

I'm glad you did well today. Here's to tomorrow!

Perhaps next time? But, I have to say, I'm glad you're going to be busy over the next few weeks. That means Silksinger and Goblin Fruit is getting that much closer to print.

This is my first attempt at writing historical fiction, so it shall be interesting. There's alot of research to get the detailing right for the nineteenth century. Gulp. Thanks for your good wishes!

Sara Latta said...

OK, Vivian, I'll take the plunge! I want to complete the first 10,000 words of my new WIP this month. So we're talking 333.33 words a day. Starting today. Gulp!

Thanks so much for doing this!

Kelly Fineman said...

This will sound small and possibly unimportant, but believe me when I say it's the key to solving an awful lot of clutter issues for me.

I resolve to do at least 10 minutes of filing every day for the next 30 days. (I did 30 today by accident!)

DS Writer said...

Well, I finally joined. I am already working on a supplementary ESL teaching resource for at-risk learners putting in a good 5-6 hours a day at the library, but I also want to make more room for a) revisions on previous children's writing and this book and b) I also want to send out at least one query a week for my finished children's stories. Thank god I am on a sabbatical. I am working hard and steady. I want to make room for both!

Thank you for the opportunity to receive some support on this very challenging endeavor.

HipWriterMama said...

I'm so glad you're going to take this Challenge! 333.33 words a day. Love it. I know your new WIP will be wonderful.

Ten minutes of filing a day actually is a big deal. I know my paperwork could use it. It would be a great Challenge for me...perhaps next time. Good luck!

DS Writer,
Thanks for stopping by. Good luck with all you'd like to accomplish.

Linda said...

Today is my 53rd. birthday so joining this challenge is a gift. I'm going to write a poem a day for the next 30 days. It may not sound like much, but teaching full time, taking a class, and having a family doesn't leave much time for writing. Like most of us, I tend to put my needs last. I'm sure the poems will need lots of revision, but getting them down is the challenge for me. Now, I'm off to write poem number one. Thanks for the challenge. I'm going to need all the support I can get.

susan said...

I clicked through from MotherReader's Cybil's post and am seized with inspiration such that I'm delurking immediately. My goal, which might be cheating a little as I'm off work this week and it's a work-related goal I can't really start until next week, is to work for 30 minutes each morning on the personal writing project I need to do before turning to the administrivia I need to do for another element of my job. An hour would be better, but I"m trying to start with a smaller goal.

KB said...

I love having a new year. It makes me feel as if I get to keep all the wonderful things that I accomplished/received/saw/heard, etc and forget about all the rest! This year I want to focus on my long term goal of opening a bookstore. My first step is to get myself in shape, physically. So, that's my resolution. Walking at least 6 days a week! I know, how does this fit in? I want to be physically, mentally, spiritually and financially ready, so I'm going to work on all of those throughout the year!

HipWriterMama said...

Wow. I love all of your Challenge Intentions. Thank you, everyone, for joining me on this journey.

Happy, Happy Birthday! I am so honored you would consider this Challenge a gift. Wishing you all the best on your poems. And if you ever need any good poetry blogs to read...check out Laura Salas and Kelly Fineman's blogs. Their links are in Mr. Linky.

I'm so glad you delurked. Welcome to the Challenge. Good luck!

Very cool--opening up a bookstore! Here's to wonderful things in 2008!

Blink said...

Oh HWM- great challenge prompt! My goal: to schedule one fitness hour a day for me. 30 hours to produce a better body and mind is how I see it. Happy New Year.

laurasalas said...

Vivian, thanks for the nice words! And Kelly's Poetry Friday posts are always amazing, aren't they?

I loved hearing Linda's goal because it ties in with some future online class plans for me, so I was happy to hear someone thinking in terms of poem-a-day.

HipWriterMama said...

Glad to hear about more online classes. Hope you'll let us know more as you develop the classes.

And I just remembered, Elaine Magliaro and Gregory Pinkus posted a poem-a-day for a month sometime last year.

Welcome to the Challenge. I like the fitness goal. Something I need to work in as well. Sigh.

The sign-up period is officially over. I'm so thrilled that I have 20 people to join me in this Challenge. Here's to success and great goals!

ldkulp said...

Over the years, I've had several poems in other people's anthologies and in magazines, but now I really want to focus on my own collection. I appreciate the warm welcome. A wonderful thing about the internet is that we can join forces and support people who have common goals and interests. I can't wait to hear everyone's success stories on Monday.

laurasalas said...

Hi Linda Denise, Hooray for your goal! I owe you an email from about 3 weeks ago and will do that soon, but I'm glad to see you kicking self-doubt off its feet and committing to a collection. Good for you!


monica said...

my goal: to write each night and not just waste time lazy in front of the mindless box of TV

Kaza Kingsley, http://www.erecrex.com said...

Kudos to your challenge!! I think, for me though, living my normal life would take care of the challenge (but that's no fair, I'm an author!) I just finished Book Three (yea!!!) and was spending pretty much 8 - 10 hours a day writing. So time for a little break, then plunge right into the next!!!
Kaza Kingsley
Author of the Erec Rex series