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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Writing Tip: Nurse the Spark of an Idea

You know those Aha! ideas you get in the middle of doing something so you forget to write it down? Or maybe you think about for awhile but your momentum fizzles out because of life's demands.

And then you see a book similar to what you had been thinking about on the shelves? Ahem. Or am I the only one that happens to? Well, if you admit to this...how about if you do yourself a favor and work it for this New Year?

Write down those ideas in a notebook. Think about it. Write some more. Outline. Free form. Whatever gets you moving. Do some research. Listen to some great music that gets you in the writing mood. Just keep working at it and nurse that spark of an idea into a blazing flame of activity so you can get to the writing.

The way I see it, every day you work on your bit of inspiration, gets you one step closer to getting a book published.


PJ Hoover said...

Perfect! I love the New Year!

coloredsock said...

i have a couple tiny paper moleskin (books) that i try to keep in my bag/pocket just for this, but i'm a little unorganized with then doing anything with them AFTER i get the "aha!".thanks for the push and reminder.

HipWriterMama said...

I am getting all pumped up for the New Year!

Colored Sock,
Thanks for stopping by! Glad you found this post helpful.