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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Successful Book Marketing and a Book Giveaway: The Questory of Root Karbunkulus

I had planned to write a post earlier this summer about self-publishing successes after I read Eragon by Christopher Paolini. But I never got around to it. Then, Kamilla Reid sent me an autographed copy of her self-published book, The Questory of Root Karbunkulus, which reminded me about writing this post. But I never got around to it.

And while today's post won't exactly cover self-publishing, you'll find a couple of links to articles on Kamilla's success on marketing her book after the fantastic book trailer below.

Kamilla even sent me an extra book to give away to one lucky person...and I figured this would be a great time to do so. I must admit, I haven't had a chance to read the book yet. I really wanted to have read it before giving away the book, but given my book stack is pretty high, it might be awhile. However, here's a Teens Read Too book review. And here's the awesome book trailer that she did with the help from some friends--you will never believe some of this was filmed in her basement!

If you're intrigued after watching the book trailer, you're going to want to check out Kamilla Reid's website. By now, you're probably curious about what Kamilla has done to market her books. Here are a couple articles to read: recent article about Kamilla's marketing plan and PC World's article, Six Rising Stars on the New Web.

I figure, all authors --whether self-published or published with a traditional publisher -- have to market their books in one way or another. And I'm wondering whether you've ever come across anything an author did that made a wow! impression on you . Or, perhaps you stumbled across a pathetic book marketing attempt. So, given this thought...here are the updated rules for this Book Giveaway:

1. Use your creativity to come up with an idea -- small, big, inexpensive, extravagent, easy, time comsuming, etc. -- on something you'd like to see authors do to market their books. You can use a wow! stategy an author used that you loved.
2. Only clean and respectful entries will be accepted. Otherwise, they will be deleted.
3. Go and write about this idea in the Comments section below by Sunday, December 9th 11pm EST, if you'd like a chance to win a paperback copy of Kamilla Reid's book, The Questory of Root Karbunkulus.
4. The winner will be announced on Monday, December 10th.

Thank you, Kamilla, for donating this book for the Book Giveaway. Okay, folks. Ready? Set? Now....Go! Comment away.


Lesha said...

Sounds very interesting :)

HipWriterMama said...

Thanks for visiting. You got here early! Thanks for entering.

Okay, folks. I've updated the rules to this contest to make this Book Giveaway more fun--for me anyway. Future comments must include a creative idea of something you'd like to see authors do to market their books. Clean entries only.

m. thompson said...

Everyone uses bookmarks, because they're cheap. But it does nothing to really distinguish a book.

I'm thinking a calendar or a cool magnet would be great.

PJ Hoover said...

Group marketing like The Class of 2k7.

Minh Le said...

Start a (hopefully) unfrounded rumor that your book has veiled references to Satan worship... send memos to the 700 Club, Bill O'Reilly, Ann Coulter, etc. Once the book starts getting banned in libraries across the country, interest will go through the roof, sales will skyrocket, you'll be interviewed on NPR and maybe even get a mention on the Colbert Report!

Hey, it worked for Harry Potter...

Anonymous said...

Ha! Minh Le is hysterical! I've always wondered about self-publishing--it has such a bad rap. This is one of those tempting things you want to look at, but shouldn't because self-publishing is considered a no no if you want to be taken seriously in the publishing world.

The book trailer is pretty impressive. It really makes alot of book trailers look really lame, no?

I like how Stephenie Meyer did all those proms for Twilight.

Brian Mandabach said...

That trailer is very WOW!

I had a contest for best trailer, but since the book hadn't come out yet (I wanted it before release) I provided a script and image ideas to choose from. I don't think that worked so well becuase, though I have one really nice trailer, I can't figure out how to upload it. (file too big)

I also had some really cool t-shirts made, and I give them, along with books and cd's of the books "soundtrack" away when I do school visits.

Not sure any of this stuff helps, but it is kinda fun.

Readablefeast said...

Using social media to market the books is something I teach writers about.One of the ideas I would like to see used more often is creating a MySpace page not only for the book/author but for a book's fictional characters as well. If the book for young adults/teens, this would be very effective. Having a character "guest post" on the author's blog would also be a lot of fun both for the author and their readers. I'd love to see some conversation between the readers, the author and the characters and a blog, Facebook page, or MySpace page would be a great place to start. Podcasting and doing video on YouTube would be a good idea, too. The only downfall is that these types of efforts could be time consuming, so if the author had a budget, I would recommend them hiring someone to write it with them overseeing things to make sure the reader would pick up on the character's voice. Imagine the feedback the author would get for the followup book!

caryn said...

I really like it when authors tie their book into a scholarship or donate a percentage of their sales to a charity. I'm not sure how it really works out financially though, especially when you hear that books don't always earn what they're supposed to.

HipWriterMama said...

I like all of your ideas! Thanks for sharing them.

Brian, Congrats on the new book. Hope you're enjoying the school visits! And have one of your high school students load the trailer onto YouTube. Good luck!

Nowheymama said...

Thank you for all of the info! I'd love to read another post on self-publishing, too, just FYI.

elsphit said...

What an interesting way to get people interested in reading! Book trailers are like movie trailers, but for books! You can find them all over the internet now, but here is a site that's featuring them on YouTube. http://www.youtube.com/booktrailers