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Friday, December 7, 2007

Poetry Friday: A Tiny Look Through a High School Journal

Well, Sara, TadMack and Robin were brave enough to do this. So I figure, why not me? Let's give a look see through one of my high school journals and find a lovely morsel to share with you.

Actually, I only saved two high school journals over the years. One is full of angsty journal entries that I'm still amazed I wrote. The other is full of handwritten inspirational quotes, essays, excerpts from books and poems that resonated with my tortured teen self. Everyone from Eleanor Roosevelt, La Rochefoucauld, George Bernard Shaw, e.e. cummings, Woodrow Wilson, Henry David Thoreau, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Shakespeare, Ben Burroughs, Ann Landers and more share a spotlight in this journal. I even wrote a few original poems, that made me laugh and shudder.

The one poem I am going to share is one I could recite at a moment's notice when I felt my parents were unjust. I even remember writing this in letters to my mom to reinforce my feelings. I'm not sure who wrote this poem (it sounds like it came from a greeting card), but it captured my teenage spirit and made me free. I hope I'll remember this poem and the rebellious teen I was, so when my children turn into teenagers, I'll remember my dreams for them are simply my dreams, and not theirs.

Accept me as I am
Appreciate me as myself
I am not perfect
It doesn't worry me.

I have my feelings
But I am unique
A one of a kind me
And that is something to be proud of.

I can change...let me do the
changing though.
For I will be responsible
For the mistakes I make
And the accomplishments I achieve.

I want to be the way I am
That is my decision.
And if I can't see that,
Then don't blind me
With what you think I
Should be...

For I am me
and nothing else.

Becky is hosting Poetry Friday today. Go on over, submit a poem, and learn about some new poems.

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TadMack said...

What a stunning declaration. It does sound like it came from a greeting card -- or from one of those Children Learn What They Live type posters that were in the administration offices at school -- but what a thing to have written and memorized. It can't help but make you a better Mom. Go, you!

Sara said...

Well, that poem may come from a greeting card, but it's certainly a much better way of communicating than yelling "I hate you!" and slamming the door. :)

So glad to see these journals getting pulled out and loved. Isn't amazing how wise we were in some ways and yet so clueless in others.

Cloudscome said...

Schmaltzy as it is, I like it. It reminds me to accept and cheer for my sons just the way they are; even if it is driving me crazy. Thanks!

Callipygia said...

I think you may have put that poem in a card to me one time or another! The need for us to be heard and not judged never goes away, we all could use that reminder.