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Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Winter Blog Blast Tour is Here! November 5th - November 10th

I am so thrilled to be part of the Winter Blog Blast Tour this coming week. Remember the Summer Blog Blast Tour? And why Colleen Mondor, of Chasing Ray, organized it? Well, it was so well received, we're back again with some more incredible interviews with the Winter Blog Blast Tour. The WBBT starts tomorrow, November 5th, and ends on Saturday, November 10th.

It has been such a kick to work on this project. I have some wonderful author interviews to share with you...Carrie Jones, Rick Yancey, Kerry Madden and Lisa Yee. Come back tomorrow and be inspired by Carrie Jones!

Here is this week's WBBT schedule. I'll post the daily interviews on my sidebar along with Colleen Mondor's Master Schedule.

MONDAY, November 5th
Perry Moore at The Ya Ya Yas
Nick Abadzis at Chasing Ray
Carrie Jones at HipWriterMama
Phyllis Root at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast
Laura Amy Schlitz at Fuse Number 8
Kerry Madden at lectitans
Tom Sniegoski at Bildungsroman
Connie Willis at Finding Wonderland

TUESDAY, November 6th
Lisa Ann Sandell at Chasing Ray
Perry Moore at Interactive Reader
Christopher Barzak at Shaken & Stirred
Autumn Cornwell at The Ya Ya Yas
Jon Scieszka at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast
Gabrielle Zevin at Jen Robinson's Book Page
Judy Blume at Not Your Mother's Book Club
Erik P. Kraft at Bookshelves of Doom
Clare Dunkle at Miss Erin

WEDNESDAY, November 7th
Lisa Ann Sandell at Interactive Reader
Christopher Barzak at Chasing Ray
Julie Halpern at The Ya Ya Yas
Micol Ostow at Shaken & Stirred
Rick Yancey at HipWriterMama
Jane Yolen at Fuse Number 8
Shannon Hale at Bookshelves of Doom
Maureen Johnson at Bildungsroman
David Lubar at Writing & Ruminating
Sherman Alexie at Finding Wonderland

THURSDAY, November 8th
David Mack at Chasing Ray
Paul Volponi at The Ya Ya Yas
Elizabeth Knox at Shaken & Stirred
Ellen Emerson White at A Chair, A Fireplace and A Tea Cozy
Jack Gantos at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast
David Levithan at Not Your Mother's Book Club
Micol Ostow at Bildungsroman
Laura Amy Schlitz at Miss Erin
Kerry Madden at HipWriterMama
Sherman Alexie at Interactive Reader

FRIDAY, November 9th
Loree Griffin Burns at Chasing Ray
Lily Archer at The Ya Ya Yas
Rick Riordan at Jen Robinson's Book Page
Gabrielle Zevin at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast
Dia Calhoun at lectitans
Shannon Hale at Miss Erin
Jane Yolen & Adam Stemple at Shaken & Stirred
Alan Gratz at Interactive Reader
Lisa Yee at HipWriterMama

SATURDAY, November 10th
Blake Nelson at The Ya Ya Yas


PJ Hoover said...

It sounds like a great line-up! I can't wait to read :)

Erin said...

I am so psyched for it! And I'm interviewing Shannon Hale! *hyperventilates*

forker girl said...

Hip Writer Mama, I love your blog! --and I also love that you loved my I Want to Be poem (also a picture book) back in February. I left a comment there, but I'm not sure how often you check your archives for new comments --this comment contains the essence of what I said in the February archives. Thank you for sharing my work with so much affection.

Because I developed Limited ForkPoetics a few years ago while sitting in the Quality 16 Cinema with my husband, I have reconfigured my identity as well as poetry, so I like to refer to myself as forker girl, and leave Thylias on the formal publications.
Forker Girl is my identity as a maker --of a variety of visual and sonic pieces these days.

That said, I thought that you might enjoy knowing about and also visiting/experiencing some of the work coming out of this approach, so here are some links to my blogs and to my you tube channel where you can see my video poams:

A Limited Forker Girl's Tines, Bifurcation Station, Tine D.A.D.A. Club, The Forkergirl Channel, Limited Fork 101, Limited Fork Academic Split Tine,

and a link to my son's website (he's sixteen and the composer of the soundtracks for most of my video poams; he's also a visual artist. There are free downloads of his music at his site & other stuff I hope you like): strexx.com.

Thanks again for the literary embrace.
(You'll find links to your blog in my blogs soon --I've got to go pick up my son from school now, or rather, I have to go sit in the car while he, with his learner's permit, drives us home.)