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Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Quest for Writer's Muse Sock Monkey Fairy

Writer's Muse Sock Monkey Fairy: Psst! HipWriterMama!

HWM: Yes, Writer's Muse Sock Monkey Fairy?

Writer's Muse Sock Monkey Fairy: You know what I just thought of?

HWM: What?

Writer's Muse Sock Monkey Fairy: How about if we put a Hip in front of my name and then I could be HWM Sock Monkey Fairy?

HWM: What a clever idea! HWM Sock Monkey Fairy it is!

HWM Sock Monkey Fairy: Who do you think will win me?

HWM: I don't know. Hmmm....


If you don't know what this conversation is about...I'm searching for a new home for HWM Sock Monkey Fairy. I made her all by myself, from pretty new socks that were never worn. It would never do to have a stinky sock monkey fairy. Oh, no. This little gal is all about attitude, lovely details, and helping whisk away those unsavory writer's block moments. She's a Hip Writer's Muse Sock Monkey Fairy.

I made her just for my Shout Out for All the Wonderful Authors Out There Contest. The deadline for the contest is this Sunday, November 18th, 11pm, EST. If you'd like a chance to win her and save her from my children's repeated attempts to claim her as their own, your mission is to go here and find out what you need to do.

Hurry, please! HWM Sock Monkey Fairy will be ever so grateful and will be sure to bestow good writing juju to you.

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Nowheymama said...

This is great! You are always doing such creative things.