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Monday, November 19, 2007

HWM Sock Monkey Fairy Points Her Magic Wand to....

HWM Sock Monkey Fairy here. I've been trying to get HipWriterMama to choose my new owner, but she's busy attending to a sick little one. So she told me to use my magic wand to find my rightful owner. Sigh. Already she's trying to get rid of me.

Thankfully it has been somewhat quiet. One sick child, one kid in school, and all I've got to keep my eye on is the sly four-year-old who keeps trying to get my wand. I've got to work quick.

Ooooo. This is going to be difficult. I still can't figure out who will be the best owner for me. I mean, who will give me yummy chocolates, a warm roof over my head, and listen to me when I point my wand and be the ultimate taskmaster? Who will absolve me from all blame, bring me to all the fancy award dinners, and make sure I'm not crammed into some moth infested closet and left alone in the dark? Gulp.

While I'm making my life decision, I thought I'd share the great entries from the Shout Out for All the Wonderful Authors Out There contest:

1. M. Thompson: "I'm a huge fan of Markus Zusak. If I mix up his name a little, I've got a character named Marzuk. A mystical wizard with powerful ways of persuasion. I think I'm actually going to use this one in a manuscript!"

2. Cloudscome: "How about a 10 year old girl named Looney Lowery... she has a talent for seeing patterns and color combinations but her communication skills as sadly deficient. She gets into all sorts of difficulties at school but she is a wiz at computer graphics. Parents are divorced. She lives in Illinois with mom and dad lives in Hong Kong. (They email a lot). Little sis is autistic. She goes to an elite prep school and makes friends with a new kid who has been kicked out of four previous schools. I better stop here."

3. Sam Riddleburger: "As for the contest, our Sock Monkey won't let me enter it due to his petty jealousy of other monkeys. However, may I point out that the young artist in Qwikpick wasn't named Dave RASKIN for nothing. Also, if you wanted to make a name out of Dickens, you might spell it backwards which would be Snekcid, prononced Lemony Snickett! Coincidence?"

4. Mrs. T: Isabela Hawthorne is a direct descendant of Nathaniel Hawthorne. Well, by adoption anyway. Lila Hawthorne adopted Isabela at age 5 from her native Guatemala. Having the Hawthorne name might not be a bad thing if it didn’t draw all that unwanted attention from her 9th grade English teacher, especially when Isabela struggles to read 4th grade reading material; she was recently diagnosed with dyslexia. Will she overcome her learning disability? Will she learn to feel truly part of her white, literary adoptive family? Can she find her own unique voice and make it heard among the din of conflicting expectations?

5. Sue Daniels: I love Rachel Cohn's books and think there should be the Cohn Institute for Wayward Girls. The perfect place to send teen girls who need some rest and relaxation from their stressed out lives.

6. Tricia: Let me introduce Silver Stein, a feisty 13-year old girl with a talent for cartooning, spoonerisms and waxing rhapsodic. She is a dreamer who isn't discouraged by Whatifs. She and her friend Ursula sell homemade books (written and illustrated by Silver, published by Ursula) in the summer instead of lemonade. Someday they're both going to make it big.


Okay, this was a tough one. I hope I chose right! Miss Rumphy...send HWM your snail mail address. You're my new owner! Treat me right and I'll make sure you have good writing juju!


Tricia said...

Hurray! I just scared everyone in the office when I let out a big shout of joy. I never win anything!!! I'm so excited. I will now need to plan how to keep her out of my son's hands. Once I figure out where to put her, I'll send you a picture. Address on the way . . . with one more Hurray!

SamRiddleburger said...

Good choice!
There were a lot of good ideas floating here, maybe y'all should team up.
Lowery and Stein could end up at the Cohn Institute for Girls with Isabella Hawthorne. (Not sure how Marzuk the Wizard would fit into that one.)