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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Nominate your Favorite 2007 MG/YA Non-Fiction Title for The Cybils

Nominations for The 2007 Cybils began yesterday.
Here are the basic rules:

1. The book must be published in 2007;
2. Only one book per category;
3. Click on a category and read the description;
4. Click the Comments button and read through the titles;
5. If your favorite book isn't listed, type in the author and title;
6. Hit the Post button, and your favorite title is entered! Easy, right?
7. Nominations close Wednesday, November 21st.

I'm thrilled to be on the nominating panel for the MG/YA Non-Fiction Committee. We need your help to find some great books. Stop on by and nominate your favorite 2007 Non-Fiction book! Here is the description as posted in The Cybils blog:

Middle Grade and Young Adult Nonfiction covers a wide swath of territory: from history, biography and science to sports, astronomy and dinosaurs. Homeschooling parents are using single-subject nonfiction books to supplement or replace textbooks. Teachers and librarians are recommending nonfiction titles to expand upon classroom subjects and to pique the interest of kids passionate about particular topics. And kids of all ages are seeking out books that unwrap the mysteries of the world around them. The MG/YA nonfiction committee is seeking the very best titles in this wonderful and diverse arena.

--Jen Robinson, organizer

Come on, go on over to The Cybils blog to nominate your favorite 2007 MG/YA Non-Fiction title. You know you want to. No need to be shy.

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Jen Robinson said...

Tis is a great post, Vivian. Thanks!