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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

30 Day Challenge Final Check In!

It's time for the final check in for the 30 Day Challenge. Comment below by 11:59 pm EST to be entered for a surprise!

I have to say, I had a tough time getting motivated these past couple of weeks to write everyday. Life kind of blindsided me with too many things. My creative ability had been somewhat stifled in my writing and my blogging.

My youngest celebrated a birthday. She's been giving Spiderman some quite a bit of competition in the Cling-On category--this child summons up all her incredible holding powers on my leg when we're walking into her preschool. My middle child is on oral prednisone to clear out the gunk in her lungs and her eczema encrusted body. My eldest is fluctuating between the needs of an eight year old and demands of a teenager. She has also had a hard time staying asleep these past couple of weeks and has been waking me up at 3 a.m. to keep her company. And that in itself, is almost enough to do me in.

Not that I'm complaining and all. All these puzzle pieces I need to figure out and put together to make everything right again is totally okay. That's what I do best. However, it has been leeching away at my writing time.

So here's what I did. I brought my laptop to my little one's school. That way the forty five minutes spent at her school, is balanced with some writing time in the peace of my car. I've also taken to writing notes in a little book I carry with me while I'm waiting in the doctor's office, or waiting in the car line to pick up the kids, or am running on a schedule that's completely out of whack.

I was able to write four days last week. One hour of total brilliance, the others, well, we'll have to see. But, I've also decided that I did pretty well for having a week or two from a place I really don't want to go back to for awhile.

So, how did you do? Remember to let me know in the comments here or over here by 11:59 pm EST to be entered for a surprise! The prize winner will be announced tomorrow!


m. thompson said...

I hope this week is better for you.

I've finished my first round of revisions and am waiting for feedback from my critique group.

Thanks for organizing this challenge. It was great for me!

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Whoops! I came back Monday and haven't caught up yet. I'm getting ready for a show in a week and 1/2, so it's been pretty decent progress. I started out with way too much ambition. Now, I've got a few more songs under my belt (easy ones) and some stories in the works. What this 30 day challenge did for me was get me started again on researching new stories and songs rather than allowing myself to get complacent with the songs and stories I already knew. Thanks!