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Monday, September 24, 2007

Inspiration Monday: 30 Day Challenge: Time to Report on Progress

When every new week starts, do you sigh and wonder why you didn't follow through on your new habits on a regular basis? Or, are you pleased with your progress, gearing up for a whole new week? I hope, I hope, you're all going to say you've been happy with your progress, and this exercise has helped you move toward your goals.

And if you're in the camp that's wondering how you're going to get to your dreams, if you haven't been able to work daily on your habits for the past three weeks, don't despair now. Let's take a few moments to examine what it was you wanted to accomplish. Remember, the purpose of this 30 Day Challenge was to take one thing--one little habit that will help you work toward your goal, and do it everyday.

Did you choose one little habit? Something simple like: I will throw out the junk mail every single day. Or did you decide to conquer the world: I will separate my mail out into a junk pile, bill pile and social piles then throw out the junk mail, write checks to pay all my bills and mail them, and write letters to all my family and friends. Everyday. Whew...just writing all that down is pretty exhausting.

So, which type of habit did you choose? Something that was entirely doable everyday? No matter what was happening in your life? Or a huge task, that is really much easier to put aside and let stagnate until you're overwhelmed with the stink of the mess created since you've avoided it for so long and you realize the project is too big and you're going to fail, and there's no way you can do it and while you're at it, just forget about your dreams anyway.

Okay, let it all out. It's okay to mope for a little bit. Now get back up, shake all those negative thoughts out and rethink how you're going to get to your goal. Remember, little steps, little steps. Now, go back at it. You can totally do it!

I'm writing all about this because I kind of faltered this past week. I wrote three days of the week. Then my little one celebrated a birthday, my middle one was sick, life's moments happened and before I knew it, the week was over. And I only wrote three days rather than everyday. Though I did think about my WIP, and wrote short notes throughout the week. Good yes, but not the half hour of writing I had wanted to do everyday. Here's to a better week.

Now it's your turn to report in. How did you do?


Christine M said...

I did write some - on my WIP - but not every day. As you said - Life Happens.

Liz in Ink said...

Here's the deal. I did not write every single day. BUT I did turn in my revisions today for my PB manuscript! Yea!!! So, I'm totally satisfied. And I've been better to my blog than I was all summer. So there's that. Thanks for all the inspiration. Hope all kids are healthy at your house this week!

m. thompson said...

I started revisions last week and wrote most of the days. It's slower going this time around since I want this revision to be the final one. I know, a big laugh right? Well, I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

casey said...

I did really well with the walking. But I renounced vegetarianism because of some amazing barbecue. I couldn't resist and I'm okay with it.

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Okay, I was a bit mopey. I'm starting to get stage-jitters. However, I did meet up with my guitar teacher to help him choose some children's songs for a birthday party, and that was good review for me too.

MotherReader said...

I was starting to slip a bit this week, but checking in here has reminded me that a small step in the right direction is important. I'm back on track starting...NOW!