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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Writing Tip: Getting In The Mood

Writing is hard work. For me anyway. It is tough creating meaning out of a jumbled assortment of words. Very tough. One. Word. At. A. Time. Tough.

If I'm going to commit one, two or three hours to writing, I need to make sure I'm focused and in the mood. Otherwise, I'm staring into a blank screen and feeling rather pathetic.

So. What do I do to get in the mood to write? Lots and lots of research in the library. I listen to music or watch movies. Hey, this counts as research too. For those who are curious, I put together a playlist of some of the music I'm listening to while I'm getting into character for one of my manuscripts. I couldn't figure out how to put the playlist on my post, so the sample playlist is in my sidebar.

The funny thing is this, no matter how much I'm prepared to write, there is one thing I absolutely must have at all costs to succeed in my writing time -- Order. This is amusing to those who know me, since chaos and disorder is a constant in my household. But when I work, I need order. This means a clutter free work area, no glaring things to do hanging over my head, and calmness in the household. Ergo, things need to be picked up and I write at night. And that is what gets me in the mood. To write.

So what do you need to get into your creative mood?


Alkelda the Gleeful said...

I also need order. Entropy is the natural progression, and as I look at the desk I cleared off only a week ago, I'm a bit chagrined. I also need to be free of certain kinds of background noises. The refrigerator buzz is just fine-- the television blaring from the neighbor's house is not. My daughter playing or running around and singing (like now) is fine-- my daughter whining for something every 3 seconds is not.;)

It occured to me, HWM, that you give so much to us, your readers. What can we give back to you?

Little Willow said...

Talk to my characters. Usually in the kitchen.


HipWriterMama said...

Thanks so much for those kind words. You cannot imagine how valued they are. That was all I needed. Thank you.

Little Willow.
I agree with you. You know you're on the right track when you can have a conversation with your character and know how they think.

PJ Hoover said...

I need an outline. I don't always have to stick to it exactly, and I'm totally allowed to stray my characters into side adventures.
I also need all messages in my inbox read.
And all blog entries read.
And then I can start writing!

Oh yeah, and I need the kids asleep (or at least pretending they are).

(Not to forget the Mummy movies, scarab on my desktop, and lapis necklace.)

Becky Levine said...

Music. Often the same music over and over. I read somewhere about an artist (painter?) who used the same music for each piece. I've found--especially when writing early drafts, with lots of new materials, that putting on the same music is like a trigger--it seems to hit some spot in my brain that says, oh, now you're writing, and then... I'm writing.

The music has to be relatively lyricless or with lyrics I can't follow easily--I have an album of the McGarrigle sisters and another of their family, where some of the lyrics are in French! :) This is also one of the only times when I'll listen to classical music--baroque works.

I'm finding, with the rewrite stage, that I can mix it up a bit--some blues works, some more folk--but rock is pretty much out. Makes me want to get up and dance, instead of keeping my fingers on the keyboard!

Robin Brande said...

I need everyone out of the house. Can't think of creating anything fictional while real people are making noise.

I had to laugh at your requirement of a clutter-free work area. If I had to wait until my desk was clean, I'd never have written a word.

On the other hand, maybe if I made that a requirement, my desk wouldn't look like it does.

Hmmmm. . .