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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wednesday Wanderings

Aaarrrrhh! Have you checked out this cool Pirate Reading Challenge? If you enjoy reading books about pirates, this will be just your thing. Name your pirate ship, create a pirate name and enjoy some exciting reads! If you're getting stressed with the idea of creating a pirate name, no worries. Kimberly has a link for some name generators. By the way, this link is a very cool resource for any of you creative types. Also, if you have children, you might want to use this as an opportunity for some fun learning, and of course, some great reading. Go on, join Kimberly's challenge and growl....Aaarrrhh!

I don't know how I missed posting about this one. Kimberly has one question she asks in her Weekend Wonderings. Because of this post, I was intrigued by Kimberly's question:
In what ways do children's and young adult novels shape readers' notions of gender roles? How can and do they present more options, especially to girl readers, for how to spend a life? Go on over and log in your comments.

Robin, you wanted to know about Poetry Friday....this one's for you. Susan of Chicken Spaghetti wrote an article, Thank Goodness It's (Poetry) Friday, for PoetryFoundation.org. Susan writes about how Kelly of Big A little a started this weekly treat in the kidlitosphere. Author Mitali Perkins organized a wonderful post about public domain, fair use, and copyright for Poetry Friday participants. Christine M. of The Simple and the Ordinary will host Poetry Friday this week.

MotherReader announces the winners of her 48 Hour Book Challenge and the bloggers who logged in 20+ hours of reading in this challenge. I am in awe! Great job everyone! Kudos to MotherReader and FatherReader for a tremendous job organizing and monitoring this incredible challenge.

This is incredible stuff. For anyone who is new to the publishing world, Author Diana Peterfreund organized a two part publishing industry glossary primer: Part I and Part II. Very, very helpful. Thanks Diana.

Check out Illustrator and Author Barbara Johansen Newman's inspiring post on her 12 step journey to becoming an author. Barbara writes, "So, for all of you out there who have been juggling families, and careers, but still long to write or illustrate, listen to me: you should never give up on your dreams. And, for what it is worth, my first book as author and illustrator is about that: following dreams." You have got to check out Barbara's website for her new book, Tex & Sugar, A Big City Kitty Ditty. Then go check out her book.

Here's an inspiring post of some cool authors who are paying it forward. Talk about being in awe. The Disco Mermaids chose the First Annual (maybe) Disco Mermaid SCBWI Summer Conference Scholarship winner!

Alkelda the Gleeful has some potty training blues. Go on over and comfort her, commiserate with her, and vote for the Patron Saint of Potty Training. Personally I'm rooting for Dymphna of Gheel. You might want to check out Alkelda's lyrics to The Potty Train song. Add to it if you dare. Wahoo!!


Susan said...

Hey, Vivian. You're sweet to mention the article. It was fun to write.

Ruth said...

Hey -- What a great post! I can't believe there is a pirate reading challenge. I'm a total pirate-nut & have a rapidly growing collection of pirate books.

Will ye be joining the challenge?

Off to think of my ship name & to come up with some answers to the meme.

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Rock and (toilet paper) roll! I've got to say, Dymphna is my saint all the way for helping me to keep my sanity during the potty-training time. Zeno is cool, too. Zeno is actually in the lead. Vote, vote, vote. I'm so proud of my girlie. I think the "click" happened when Lucia realized that nothing fun was going to happen (i.e. going to the park, going to a restaurant) until she got the potty thing together.