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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Thursday Wanderings

Sadness. Yesterday was Markus Zusak's, last post as writer in residence for Australian site, Inside a Dog. It was such a treat reading Zusak's chapters of his side project. Maybe some of his brilliance will meander over this way.

Chicken Spaghetti is hosting the 14th Carnival of Children's Literature! Deadline to submit one of your favorite posts relating to the new carnival theme: Fiesta! A Multicultural Celebration is on Thursday, May 17th.

Mother Reader will be hosting the 2nd annual 48 hour Reading Challenge the weekend of June 8th- 10th. This is the same weekend of the NY Writer Coalition's 2007 Write-A-Thon for charity. Although, the Write-A-Thon is only on Saturday, June 9th. So...technically, you could still work at both challenges if you were so inclined...

The new issue of readergirlz is out! The Phoenix Dance by Dia Calhoun will be featured this month in honor of National Mental Health Month. The Phoenix Dance is a retelling of the Grimm's fairy tale The Twelve Dancing Princesses. I can't wait to read this one.

"What do you think it takes to be a princess?" So asks author Shannon Hale. Her publisher, Bloomsbury is celebrating the release of the paperback version of Princess Academy with a cool contest open to anyone ages 8 and above. Deadline is December 31, 2007. For rules, click here.

This is really neat. I just discovered Backstory, a blog where "authors can share their secrets, truths, logical and illogical moments that sparked their fiction. Brought to you by Jessica Keener and M.J. Rose, creator of Balls, Buzz and Hype.

What would you do if you saw a street performer playing the violin? Would you walk by because it's just a street performer? Or, would you hear the incredible music? Check out this interesting article from the Washington Post, titled Pearls Before Breakfast, about violinist extraordinaire Joshua Bell. Thank you Allergic Girl for these links.


Anonymous said...

About the Joshua Bell article - I saw it about a month ago in a blog of a NYC subway musician - she had a totally different take on it from the WP writers. You might find it interesting, too. It's on www.SawLady.com/blog

HipWriterMama said...

I checked out the blog. You're right, it's quite interesting. Thanks!

Susan said...

Thank you for the link! I'm looking forward to putting together the Carnival.

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

In another time, I would have been a street musician or performer (a la Giovanni in The Clown of God). Okay, realistically, in another time I would have been a wife, a nun, a governness or a courtesan, but I like to imagine that I would have found my calling in another area.;)