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Monday, May 7, 2007

Inspiration Monday: Get Resourceful

Yesterday was the best day of the week. Plenty of sun, fresh air, and lots of fun to be had. And since I had to drag my kids around on a few errands, I said it would be okay for them to have friends over. Yes, I'm one of those parents. Who love having my children's friends over. All because I like to know who my kids are friends with.

It's important to me that my kids enjoy having their friends over. And obviously, I want their friends to want to come back to play. Sure my kids go to their friends' houses to play. I'm cool with that. But I like having alot of the playtime at my house. Never mind the mess, the chaos, the tears and disagreements, or the laughter and shrieks of joy that inevitably follow. It doesn't matter.

Call me crazy. I like to think I'm being prudent and resourceful. I like knowing who my children's friends are. Because when my kids are teens, I want it to be just natural they can hang at my house, feel comfortable introducing me to their friends and want to share their hopes, dreams and disappointments with me. A mother's gotta dream.

Since it was such a nice day, everybody stayed outside to play. And I took charge of snacks, drinks and entertainment. Three year old and her friends wanted to use this plastic seesaw that I have stored in the garage. Since my garage door isn't working, I told three year old to wait while I helped out some of the kids with an art project, and then I would get the seesaw.

Apparently, it wasn't fast enough. The three 3 year olds huddled together, whispering mutinous ideas. My three year old ran into the house. The other two stayed watch, giggling and looking back at the door. I was a bit preoccupied making sure the six year olds didn't torture the eight year olds too much. Since the other two little ones were outside, I figured my little one ran to use the bathroom. But after awhile, I decided I better make sure everthing was okay. But then...SLAM!! BANG!! Three year old was dragging this four foot long heavy red plastic seesaw and trying to jam it out of the door.

I was amazed. Three year old went into the house, opened the inside garage door, navigated through all the crap in the garage, managed to drag the seesaw off a few boxes, down the hall, pushed open the heavy side door, and was attempting to push this clunky seesaw out the door.

That's what I call sheer determination and resourcefulness. Most of us are determined to get to our goals. But how resourceful are you when one door is somewhat closed? Do you just wait for something to happen, or are you going to do something to make it happen?


Alkelda the Gleeful said...

When my husband and I took the baby first aid course (our baby was due any minute), the instructor told us about the time when her little brother swallowed a bottle of vitamins. The vitamins were in a cabinet way up high. Her brother waited for the split second when no one was looking, then dragged the stool over to the counter, placed a salad bowl upside down, stood on top of the salad bowl, reached waaay up high, got the bottle of vitamins, and ate them all. Fortunately, the vitamins were mostly sugar, so the doctor told the family just to get the boy out of the house before he wrecked it with his exuberance.

If we could just harness the ingenuity and energy of three year olds (but not in a child-labor kind of way), we'd solve hunger and poverty in 10 seconds.

Robin Brande said...

HWM, you're the kind of mom every kid wants to have. How cool are you to be such a great hostess to all those squealing children?

And I believe that setting the groundwork now does make you the kind of mother teenagers are willing to keep hanging out with. Good job.

HipWriterMama said...

Thanks Robin,
I hope all this work pays off in the long run when the kids are teenagers.

Isn't it strange how as adults we have fears and know our limits...but as little kids, we just persevere and go on? If we could harness our little kid powers, we could do amazing things.

Callipygia said...

Oh too cute- and I'll bet they will keep on bringing their friends home. Hey entertainment and snacks?

HipWriterMama said...

Oh yes. We have arts and crafts, swingset, fort playhouse, fun games, biking, scootering, and lots of running around. Gotta keep these little ones active, well hydrated with full tummies. Less tantrums. More happiness. And pleasant dreams at night.

PJ Hoover said...

I get the wanting kids to play at your house thing. That way you always know where your kids are and who they're playing with. The sad fact is you can know other people and not really "know" them at all. You never know what goes on behind closed doors. So I'm with you on this one. The more the merrier (kind of).
The funny thing about it that when my son has someone over after school, they play and I actually feel left out and unsure what to do with myself. I've started tackling small household projects (45 minute durations) one at a time.

HipWriterMama said...

Enjoy those pockets of time. It's nice to have a little quiet time, because before you know it, the boys will be asking for help or wanting you to play with them or wanting a snack or just want to talk to you. At least that's the way at my house.

daphne grab said...

your 3 yr old sounds like she has such faith in herself and confidence taht she can make things happen- i'm guessing she has a pretty good role model for all that :-)

HipWriterMama said...

Thanks Daphne!