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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Bold Mouse in the House

A few moments ago,
I made a rather gross discovery.
I've got a bold mouse
on the loose in my house!

He's under the stove
and creeped out tonight.
I saw him, I screamed
and he freaked out.

Back under the stove he quickly went,
then peeked out
and inched out
to see where I went.

I'm trapped in the kitchen
perched high on a chair.
Wondering, where there's one...
GULP...could there be more?

There's nary a crumb
on my pristine clean floor,
What in the world
made this little guy come here?

Quick! Help is needed!
I beg on bended knee.
How to trap this quick little mouse
so I can set him free outside my house?
I am so, so, so grossed out!


Erin said...

Hope you solve your problem!

Kelly said...

There is only one answer to this conundrum. We had it. I jumped on the chair like you did. (I can handle snakes, what is it about rodents?)

A CAT. That's what you need. (Don't get a leather sofa, though.)Those mice move right on out and fast. Just with the smell of a cat.

HipWriterMama said...

Erin, Thank you. Eek! The amazing thing was there was something Desperaux-ish about this little mouse.

Rodents are so gross. Not to mention they carry germs, disease and will eat their own feces if they have to. I wish I knew someone with a cat we could catsit for a bit.

But the weird thing was once I calmed down, this mouse was so bold, he came out and sat in a corner just looking at me. He wasn't scared of me. It was almost like he was used to being around people.