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Monday, March 26, 2007

Rejection Mope-jection Monday: Visualize Your Goal

My lovely eight year old is a force to be reckoned with. All my kids are persistent, but this little girl has it down to a science. Because. She is quite the visual young girl and has her eye on the big picture.

It doesn't matter whether my little girl is figuring out what to wear (yes, I'm already stressed over this one), preparing for a spelling test, questioning what's for dinner, decorating her room, pysching herself for a swim meet, planning her special mom outing or strategizing how she's gonna get a dog...my eight year old has a vision for what she wants and how she's gonna get there.

My child is quite methodical on how she plans out her goal at hand. And, forget about hearing a "No" or "It doesn't work this way" or "Not right now." She is quite resourceful and will eventually think of another way on how she's going to reach her desired outcome. I admit, it's rather draining to be the recipient of so many questions and ideas. However, I am proud and awed at my daughter's ability to stay focused on her vision. It really keeps her on track, even though she is sometimes veered off course. The cool thing is, the harder she has to work for something, the more focused she becomes. And she appreciates her efforts all the more, keeping her eye on the prize, savoring her victories.

We can learn alot from our children. These young kids are untouched by discouragement and rejection. They dream big and often. Young children think they can do anything and everything. Until. Someone laughs and tells them it's a stupid idea. Or someone says it just can't be done. Or maybe they'll be told they aren't smart enough or talented enough. Is it any wonder, children start doubting themselves and their abilities, then grow into adults who cringe just over the word rejection? I hope to nurture my daughter's persistence, resourcefulness and incredible focus for that moment when she truly needs it most. So she know's it's okay to to be knocked down, just as long as she doesn't let it stop her from getting back up again.

So, for this Rejection Mope-jection Monday...Visualize your goal. Keep it front and center. Tell some trusted friends and family about your dream. Print your goal on beautiful paper, frame it and hang it somewhere you will see it everyday. Write a letter about your dreams and mail it to yourself. Put it on your screensaver on your computer. Get the picture?

And if you dare...Look yourself in the eye in the mirror and tell yourself what you're gonna do. Corny. I know. But you gotta believe it, see the play by play moves, and get your arms around the nitty gritty details to keep your eye on the pie. So you will search for another way when you bump into a closed door. So you'll brainstorm for a different way to get your idea heard. So you can recognize when you need to revise things a bit. And. So you will keep your head up high while you are on your Great Adventure. No matter what. Because. You have an amazing idea. You are smart enough. You are talented enough.

Just visualize your goal. See all the little steps to get to the big picture. You can do it. I believe you can.


Monkey Wrangler said...

You go! Thanks for all the encouragement! Last year, just starting a blog was a goal, and shortly into it I got the idea in my head that it was not only cathartic to write, but that sharing was part of the goal. Others may have things to share, to enrich your life with, but if I was looking for those things to withdraw from the cosmic bank, I'd have to start making deposits myself. Now, I cruise around, see that a few folks out there are actually enjoying reading some of my stuff and I get confirmation that what I'm sharing is being appreciated. Thank you.

If there were not bloggers like yourself, telling others that they Have Something To Say, I probably would be lurking here and reading, not writing.....Thank you HipWriterMama, for your kindness, your loving pushes, and your fantastic examples of mindful parenting. Keep it up!

And thanks for that linky goodness the other day....I'm really quite flattered that my lil' blog might be fun for something besides the food.

btw: My wife and I are awaiting another monkey around here, and we have no idea what it is going to be. We didn't know with the first, why start now. It is one of the few remaining truly mysterious moments in our hectic lives.....why spoil it?

Catch you soon.....

HipWriterMama said...

Monkey Wrangler,
Thanks for stopping by. Congrats on expecting another little one. I didn't know with any of my three and I have to tell ya, the waiting is totally worth it. There's nothing like the total anticipatory high when the doctor shouts out....It's a....!

Monkey Wrangler said...

Pssst! Let you in on a little something........I'm hoping to be the one to mouth those word's after I catch 'em myself (midwife assisted that is). With numero uno, neither of us even looked for a few minutes we were so enamored (I didn't catch her because her cord was wrapped a few times) I CAN'T WAIT!

HipWriterMama said...

Monkey Wrangler,
That will be so very cool. When is monkey #2 due?

I must say, I had the most interesting midwife experience with baby #1. I endured 3 shift changes of midwives before baby #1 decided it was time. Baby #1 was in distress...midwife tried a couple things and then looked at husband, me, nurse and asked, "Er, does anyone have any ideas?" Brilliant nurse runs out, finds a doctor, who goes straight into emergency mode.

I have friends who have had such wonderful experiences with midwives. And I love hearing about their cool experiences.

But no matter how these little ones are born, it is pure magic when they enter our lives. Pure, pure magic.