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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Project CON in the Kitchen = Found Eyeglass Lenses

This has been a productive stay at home type of Saturday. Yesterday's snowstorm ended our lovely week of glorious weather. We went from no snow on the ground in the early morning to close to a foot of snow by evening to a rousing wild night of rain. Our next door neighbor's snow plow guy decided to come at 1:30am to plow the driveway so the little ones woke up and freaked over the booming noises from the plow. So sleep eluded my household for quite some time.

Since we were having a slow motion type of morning, I decided to rev things up and turn on some music. It's St. Patrick's Day after all. Youngest child runs over to the stereo and adjusts the volume. Soft. Loud. LOUD. We negotiate to an acceptable volume and the girls started jumping and dancing around, getting extra boisterous with each giggle. I took advantage of their fun preoccupation with one upping each other's dance moves and decided to organize the kitchen. It didn't last very long. Because, you'll never guess what I found. What I had been looking for since last week. One tucked in the corner underneath my pots and pans cabinet. The other just happened to be in the sandwich bag box. I'm asking no questions on this one. I just have to let this one be. Really.


Emmaco said...

Of course! The sandwich bag box! The first place you should have thought to look :)

Well, at least you now have a spare pair of glasses.

HipWriterMama said...

Can you believe this? There's always something interesting going on around here.