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Friday, March 9, 2007

Poetry Friday: Flamingos On The Roof by Calef Brown

This has been a hectic kind of week so it was nice to decompress and go to one of my favorite places. The library. This cool book of poetry and paintings was calling out my name, saying, "Pick me, pick me!" And pick it I did.

Flamingos On The Roof by Calef Brown is a colorful, wonderful book with wacky poems and zany pictures to match. Perfect to lift up my spirits and send me into a smiling kind of mood. What fun it is to discover Calef Brown's imaginative poetry!

Meet Medusa's sister Sally.
Oh, for goodness sake!
Instead of having hair,
she has a single lazy snake.
If you happen to glance
at Medusa by chance,
you turn into solid rock.
Sally's curse is even worse--
she makes you stop and talk.
Kelly over at Big A little a is heading up the Poetry Friday roundups.


Mitali Perkins said...

Love it! And thank goodness that in the world of children you can still infuse poetry with humor.

Callipygia said...

yes, it is a great way to reframe every day life, with whimsy and humor.

HipWriterMama said...

Mitali and Callipygia,
Whimsy and humor is so wonderful in children's poetry. I must be entering my second childhood...I really enjoy fun poems.