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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

A Young Artist's View of Picture Books

My 8 year old loves art. Bring on any type of art medium, she'll try it. She'll push up those shirt sleeves and just start creating. I watch my daughter; her eyes intent, her young capable hands demanding precise action, fixating on the process of creating something that has meaning to her. It's amazing to see the result of her concentrated efforts and see her intense pride as I reverently place her work in a beautiful frame and hang it on the wall. All of my kids have artwork hung with special care throughout the house; but it is my 8 year old, who pauses in front of her paintings in silent appreciation and dreams.

This creative child of mine loves to study picture books. I would notice my daughter studying the illustrations but never really thought much about it. Until recently. I heard my 8 year old muttering over the illustrations in My Different Colored Days by Dr. Seuss and The Princess and the Pea by Lauren Childs. I was in awe...there's an Artista in my house! My daughter was musing about the art techniques the artists used, how the illustrations brought out the story, and was wondering how she could reproduce the same effect. This creative intensity surprised me. Whether this is just a colorful faze or an aesthetic love that continues to develop as my daughter grows older, I am so honored I am witness to this slice of passion and joy. It is really, really cool.


Jen Robinson said...

That is excellent, Vivian! So very cool. I have a 7-year-old niece who loves to create picture books (with text and illustrations, currently rhyming text). For Christmas we got her a huge box of art supplies. Like you, I don't know if it's a phase, but I definitely want to offer all the encouragement I can. Thanks for sharing!

Little Willow said...

Yay, your daughter. How sweet. Yay, Lauren Childs.

Erin said...

I really enjoyed reading that! What a wonderful thing to watch.

Vivian said...

Jen, Little Willow and Erin -
Thanks for reading this. It is so awesome watching little ones create. Glad you appreciate this.

Kelly said...

How awesome, Vivian. I come from a long line of non-artists, non-musicians, when all-of-a-sudden I've noticed my son is these things! Totally cool. (My daughter is a word girl like me and her father and her grandparents and her aunts.)

Vivian said...

Where would we be without having our kids to expand our horizons? Here's to continued creativity and exploration for our kids!

Callipygia said...

It makes me really happy to hear how much she is taking in & your ability to see her, that's so great for all of you!