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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A Valentine's Snow Day Forecast

My children came home from school this afternoon, bubbling over with joyous anticipation over the possibility of no school tomorrow. The first Nor'easter of this snowless winter season has been predicted for tomorrow's day of sweet pink love. Wet snow, icy sleet, cold rain, blustery winds--we're supposed to get all of this. Yuck. Yuck. And triple yuck. Not what children's winter dreams are made of.

When I was little, the perfect snow day was made of gigantic fluffy mountains of fresh sparkling snow. I loved to listen to the crinkle and crunch as I scooped up the beautiful snow crystals with my hands and threw them up in the air. It was pure heaven. I relished the swirling snow as it blessed my face and watched my cloudy puffs of breath in the air. I would twirl around, arms wide open, as the fresh crisp snowflakes nestled in my hair and my eyelashes, then quickly melted on my face and lips. Even though I was bundled up in itchy heavy layers, I felt light and free. A good mindset to have since my sister, brother and I would joust for the title of King or Queen of the Mountain. We would climb up the looming snow mountains created from all the tedious shovelling, and race to see who could get to the highest point the fastest, without getting stuck in the cold snow or causing a massive avalanche to cascade onto the driveway.

I grew up in Upstate New York, where plentiful snow piled up high and joyful blustery snow days would be observed with constant shovelling, playful snow adventures, aching muscles and comforting mugs of instant hot chocolate with marshmallows. I loved school, but snow days were an occasion to truly celebrate; especially when a coveted snow day was declared on my birthday. And was I lucky. Most of my birthdays were spent at home because of a fortunate snow day. Truly the only advantage of having a birthday just weeks after Christmas.

If the wet, icy weather predicted for tomorrow comes true, it'll be tough. My children have already planned some delightful winter play with beautiful snow angels, fast sledding, and dapper snowmen. I'm somewhat saddened these boisterous kids of mine haven't experienced a true Upstate New York blizzard, but only for a tiny moment. They'll get their precious snow soon enough without me having to brave a week long effort of truly overwhelming snow cleanup. Personally, I'm hoping for school. Otherwise, I'm going to need to do some fast thinking for creative Valentine's Day activities...


Callipygia said...

Vivian- doesn't it seem like kids these days get snowdays all the time? Plus our piles of snow seem infinitely higher when we were kids. I do remember the hot chocolate with an occasional Sara Lee Coffeecake with almonds. See your memory is pretty good!

cloudscome said...

We had a messy snow day too and just stayed in the house. I was expecting the cat in the hat... LOL I didn't shovel either and had to hack on the ice on the walk. It just isn't the same when you're a grownup!

Sonja said...

We get another chance tonight. Do your snow dance!