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Friday, February 23, 2007

Poetry Friday: I Want To Be by Thylias Moss

I am awed by the how much this poem just lifts me up in its simplicity and beauty of words. In celebration of Black History Month, read this beautiful children's poem by Thylias Moss. She is one amazing poet. Read this. Be inspired. And Be.

I Want To Be
By Thylias Moss

I want to be wise but not so wise that I can't learn anything.
I want to be tall but not so tall that nothing is above me.
I want to be still but not so still that I turn into a mannequin or get mistaken for a tree.
I want to be in motion but I want the ants in my pants to sometimes take a vacation.
Sometimes I want to be slow but not so slow that everything passes me by.
Sometimes I want to be small but not so small that I am easy to miss.
Sometimes I want to be invisible but not gone.
I want to be all the people I know, then I want to know more people so I can be them too.
Then they can all be me.
I want to be eyes looking, looking everywhere.
I want to be ears hearing, hearing everything.
I want to be hands touching, touching everything.
I want to be mouth tasting, tasting everything.
I want to be heart feeling, feeling everything.
I want to be life doing, doing everything.

Liz B. is handling the poetry roundup today over at A Chair, A Fireplace and A Tea Cozy. Thanks Liz for organizing this!


Erin said...

Thank you for posting this, it's truly beautiful.

cloudscome said...

Great poem, great perspective!

jules said...

Ooh, that's great! Thanks.

Callipygia said...

The power of poetry! This makes me think and feel.

Franki said...

LOVE THIS POEM--I have it in a picture book--is that what you have;? What a great choice for Poetry Friday!

Erin said...

I tagged you! Details at my blog: http://misserinmarie.blogspot.com/2007/02/character-meme.html

HipWriterMama said...

Erin, Cloudscome, Jules, Callipygia, I'm glad you liked this poem. It really lifted me out of a mood.

I found this poem on the internet. It's in a book? I must get it. It is amazing.

HipWriterMama said...
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forker girl said...

Hip Writer Mama, I know it's almost a year later, but I'm so glad to find my poem (which was the text for a picture book) so loved here --thank you for sharing it. Forker Girl is my identity as a maker --of a variety of visual and sonic pieces these days.

Here are some links to my blogs and my you tube channel where you can see my video poams:
A Limited Forker Girl's Tines, Bifurcation Station, Tine D.A.D.A. Club, The Forkergirl Channel, Limited Fork 101, Limited Fork Academic Split Tine, and a link to my son's website (he's sixteen and the composer of the soundtracks for most of my video poams; he's also a visual artist. There are free downloads of his music at his site & stuff I hope you like): strexx.com